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Infectious Diseases

A personalized set of treatments for patients suffering from infectious diseases that seem to have increased in recent times, and usually present symptoms in the form of fever, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, worm infestation, etc. Diagnosis of each of the conditions with utmost precision and treatment specific for each.


Infectious Diseases

You have been recently infected with a bacterial disease that seems to only worsen with no alleviation and hence are looking for alternative medicine to pacify the symptoms and regain health.

AyurVAID, is a hospital that follows an integrative system of medicine and treats all diseases with utmost accuracy. Having treated an uncountable number of patients, doctors of AyurVAID diagnose the condition extensively and then chart out the treatment protocol for each patient, depending upon the strength of the patient and the strength of the disease condition. AyurVAID treats infectious diseases on the principles of Ayurveda that include internal medications of ayurvedic origin that seem to have less to zero side effects.

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Diseases under Infectious Diseases

Common Cold
COVID-19 Rehabilitation
Herpes Zoster
Viral Fever

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