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AyurVAID’s Protocols for Medical Professionals and Referral Engagement

AyurVAID’s Medical Professional Overview

If you are a medical professional and would like to refer a patient you’ve treated to AyurVAID, you can find the necessary information to help you do that in this section. Here you will find details regarding the process and protocol we follow here at AyurVAID Hospitals, as well as relevant case studies on some of our patients, along with the treatments administered.

Please note that even through a referral, patients will need to undergo a full AyurVAID consultation with one of our Physicians before starting treatment. This is only so we can ascertain his/her present health condition prior to administering any treatments.

AyurVAID’s Protocol

The AyurVAID protocol is based on the simple premise that the Physician must diagnose and treat only based on sufficient evidence. This evidence should be ‘patient or rogi based’ in addition to being ‘disease or roga based’ in accordance with the fundamental principles of Ayurveda.

How is this made possible?
  • A thorough and complete recording of the patient’s medical history, capturing every minute aspect of his/her lifestyle.
  • A thorough head-to-toe clinical examination, uncovering health risk factors that the patient is unaware of, directly connected or unrelated with his presenting medical complaint(s).
  • This process of detailed history recording and clinical examination- which includes the classical Srotha-Vikrti pariksha – leads to an accurate understanding of the Dosha status of the individual and lays the foundation for an accurate differential diagnosis and medical management.
  • Further, the patient is entitled to be clearly informed about the diagnosis arrived at, as also understand the medical management proposed for him. The Physician shall proceed only with the patient’s informed concurrence.

The rigour in diagnosis is followed through with treatment that is systematically planned and documented to ensure safety and efficacy. Patient data is systematically captured and documented in every case and at each stage of medical management. Patient Safety is a key deliverable throughout the treatment cycle and a key process design element. Outcomes are scientifically tracked through the treatment cycle, in addition to recording of patient feedback at regular intervals up to 1 year post discharge.

While the foundation is Ayurveda, Allopathy has been appropriately and seamlessly integrated so that the patient is re-assured of complete, trustworthy medical management. The AyurVAID protocol also has made it possible for integrated specialty clinics wherein a panel of Allopathy and Ayurveda Physicians jointly assess and decide on the best course of action depending on the status of the patient and his/her illness. Where, the patient is in a hurry to find a solution to a specific or short term medical problem, brief consultations are offered, with the option to go for a detailed consultation at a later convenient time.

AyurVAID’s protocol and process driven approach enables physicians and caregivers to learn faster, work together effectively, helps detect compromises in service quality and to take preventive and corrective steps. Everything that ultimately serves our patients’ interests best.

The AyurVAID protocol shall continuously evolve both in range and depth of scope, as part of a controlled process, as is to be expected from any serious system and framework of applied knowledge.

Refer a Patient to AyurVAID

If Once we have received the completed information we will contact your office to obtain the appropriate patient information and medical records and any authorizations needed beforehand. we will then notify the patient and arrange for an appointment. Note: The patient will undergo a full AyurVAID Consultation before starting treatment to ascertain his/her present health condition.

At AyurVAID, we focus on utilizing the best that Ayurveda can offer to patients at various levels of the Services Spectrum we also follow the medical motto, “If we cannot help, we will do no harm.”

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