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AyurVAID is now available in Apollo Medical Centre, Kotturpuram offering classical Kerala Ayurveda medical management

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Apollo AyurVAID Clinic is now available in, Kotturpuram-Chennai offering classical Kerala Ayurveda medical management appropriately and seamlessly integrated with the best of modern medicine to provide you with holistic, whole-person health and disease management.

Apollo AyurVAID Clinic is led by a team of highly qualified & experienced Ayurveda Specialists and Physicians to ensure the best Ayurvedic Treatment for the patients. We offer authentic, protocol-based Precision Ayurveda diagnosis along with treating the root cause of special well-being programs such as lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, women’s health disorders like PCOD and thyroid, functional health disorders like stress, digestion, and sleep, weight management, skin and hair and pain management.

The Apollo AyurVAID Clinic in Kotturpuram is a dedicated facility located on the 1st floor of the Apollo Clinics offering comprehensive Ayurveda medical care including consultation and pharmacy.

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AyurVAID at Kotturpuram, Chennai


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