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Root Cause Disease Reversal

Find a permanent solution for your serious, chronic disease.

Permanent Solution for Chronic Diseases

Many people have a nagging health issue that may have been treated by different doctors but has not been resolved. The treatments may be offering temporary relief, but the issue reappears after a while.

Apollo AyurVAID’s Precision Ayurveda Approach for Root Cause Reversal

Apollo AyurVAID’s precision Ayurveda approach ensures systematic diagnosis and treatment of the root cause(s) of this chronic disease. This ensures the best probability of a permanent solution through a personalised prescription of diet-lifestyle-counselling-medicine-purvakarma & panchakarma therapies. Depending on the severity of the condition one or more rounds of intervention may be required but significant improvement if not total disease reversal can be achieved in one course of treatment. Panchakarma treatment or the personalised, systemic, deep cleansing/detoxification process is likely to be necessary to achieve desired clinical outcomes.

Typically, this program entails 7 to 14 to 21 days of treatment on an outpatient or in-patient basis or a mix of the two. In-patient care is compulsory for vulnerable patients and for those who stay far away from our hospital facility. 

Ideally, an in-person consultation is recommended. However, tele-video consultations can also be enabled. In either case, the consultation shall be for a minimum of 45 minutes.

Please keep your past medical reports ready for sharing with the Apollo AyurVAID medical team before the consultation.

You may contact our Health Insurance Help Desk to explore if your treatment is covered under your health insurance policy (please keep the policy and annexures ready for reference).

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FAQ on Root Cause Disease Reversal

Can I reverse my condition, irrespective of the chronicity and/or severity?
This entirely depends on the stage of the disease progression and your overall health status as on date. From an Ayurveda perspective disease severity is not gauged only by the lab report readings (biomarkers) which are more measures of the symptom of the disease. Thus, a diabetic with HbA1c of 10% or a FBS of 250 mg/dl may be still in an early stage of evolution of metabolic disorder (a ‘Kaphaja Pramehi’ in Ayurveda) and can expect excellent clinical outcomes with total disease reversal. However, another patient with 10% HbA1c who has multiple co-morbidities, on multiple Oral Hypoglycemics, may require time and more than one course of therapies to sustain the disease reversal.

To put it differently, Ayurveda posits 4 types of prognosis:

‘Sukhasaadhyaa’: Easily curable- e.g., Low-back-ache due to IVDP, Acid Peptic Disorders, Sinusitis, Early Stage Type-2 Diabetes, PCOD, Hypothyroidism, etc. Can resume normal lifestyle post treatment subject to minimal restraint.

‘Krichrasaadhyaa’: Difficult to cure, but curable – Mild to moderately severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, Migraine, etc. Can resume mostly normal lifestyle post treatment subject to moderate restraint.

‘Yaapyaa’: Can be brought under control but never permanently cured.