Leader in Precision Ayurveda - Pioneer in Integrative Medicine

AyurVAID, effective 5th October 2022, is a proud member of the Apollo Hospitals Group, the healthcare pioneer and Asia’s preeminent integrated healthcare services provider.

Over the past 17 years AyurVAID has pioneered and demonstrated its path-breaking, quality-systems driven Ayurveda clinical care model serving over 300,000 patients to date across its 8 centres. The only Ayurveda company to win a National Quality Award (the Quality Council of India-DL Shah Award in 2012) and with five hospitals that are NABH accredited and one that is JCI accredited, quality healthcare is a way of life at AyurVAID.

AyurVAID shall deliver the power of precision Ayurveda services and products in addition to research-supported integrative medicine for personalised medical care, holistic health, and wellbeing in the highest values of patient centric care.

Stay tuned as AyurVAID transforms Indian healthcare.