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Apollo AyurVAID is now available in Apollo Hospitals, Bannerghatta offering classical Kerala Ayurveda medical management.
Apollo AyurVAID’s collaboration with Apollo Hospitals in Bannerghatta, known as Integrative Medical Care, seamlessly integrates the principles of classical Kerala Ayurveda with modern medical practices, ensuring comprehensive health and disease management. This integrative approach extends to the specialized field of Geriatric care, which caters to the unique healthcare needs of older adults, addressing not only medical concerns but also the social and emotional challenges that come with aging.
At Apollo AyurVAID, our approach to senior care is customized to meet individual requirements, encompassing health check-ups, medical management, Ayurveda therapies, nutritional support, well-being programs, and physical and occupational therapy. Our primary objective is to enhance the overall health of the geriatric population and prevent the progression of diseases. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates to achieve the best health outcomes, aiming to improve their quality of life and promote active aging. Apollo AyurVAID offers consultations, in-patient care, and insurance-approved medical services.
Dr. Zankhana Buch, an experienced Ayurveda expert, along with an Apollo Hospital doctor, is dedicated to providing holistic care, combining diet, lifestyle, medicine, and classical Kerala Panchakarma therapies to manage Geriatric care.

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We work towards whole person health through classical Ayurveda science. Our Ayurveda case studies are the first-line evidence in Ayurvedic medical literature as they present the original observations from our Ayurveda practitioners. The case studies are published taking patient’s consent and maintaining patient anonymity.

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