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A Diabetic, He Treated Himself thru' Hard Conviction in Ayurveda

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore

Background on patient’s health: HN consulted AVHR after being diagnosed a Diabetic, and choosing ‘Hard Conviction toward Ayurveda over being perennially on Medicines in his quest for recovery. He first the Medical Officer at AyurVAID Clinics Jayanagar and as per her directions, began a 21 day treatment under the supervision of Diabetes Specialist Dr. Zankhana Buch , spending time first at AyurVAID Clinics Jayanagar and later at AyurVAID Ramamurthynagar .

Hear it from the patient himself:

The fact that you are diagnosed with a dreaded disease like Diabetes will shatter anyone quite literally. You would not expect such a grave finding early in anyone’s life. That too not in early 30s. You can blame it on lifestyle, adulterated food and quite literally anything. but it is a disorder, a lifestyle disorder. For a software engineer with long stints of sedentary work, increasing waistline and reducing hairline, it is not so surprising to encounter complications of Diabetes Mellitus.But then, you need to choose a hard conviction or be on medication lifelong. I choose the former and I don’t regret.

It all started about 3 or 4 months ago when all my friends and college mates commented that I was loosing weight and looking thin. I have been always on (the) heavier side, but always loved sports and had an active lifestyle. I took it as a compliment, but not until I discovered that I (had) lost about 6 kgs in less than 2 months. I took a gluco test at home and was taken aback. My fasting sugar level was 325 and after food was 400!!. With a business visit on the horizon, I had no other choice than to pop in Metformin tablets, two a day. I was really scared and worried. With a heavy heart, I left India for 2 weeks. I was more conscious about whatever I ate. But, even 3-4 kms of walk and 2 tablets did not make significant impact. As soon as I returned to India, my first choice was to switch over to alternate medicines having learnt about side effects of Metformin and my belief in our traditional system of medicine, the Ayurveda. I was looking at institutions with focused treatment on Diabetes. There were so many Ayurvedic and homeopathic centers in every corner of the street. Ascertaining which one is trustworthy itself was a big challenge.

I was passing by AyurVAID Clinics Jayanagar and saw this big hoarding, regarding Diabetes Management, promising to bring sugar levels to normal. The hoarding also talked about Precision Ayurveda and treating the root cause. I thought to myself ,” Let me give it a try”. I met the medical officer there, and she recommended HbA1c test, along with a couple of other tests. The results were not great. My HbA1c was at 13.6% with FBS at 247 and PPBS at 392. My average sugar level was 407. It was quite frightening. The AVCJ’s medical officer gave me all confidence and allayed my worries. I also spoke to Dr. Zankhana Buch. The talk itself was very reassuring. I (later) met the doctor at AyurVAID Ramamurthynagar and after about half an hour of consulting, she recommended a 21 day treatment. There was a new diet plan, no rice – broken wheat and millets instead. I went back to check for insurance coverage and planned to take up the treatment after 15 days.

The first two weeks of December has been the most memorable weeks for me. I switched to Ayurvedic Kashayams and Tablets, supplemented with Metformin. I started Yoga enrolled in the nearby Gym for cardio exercises. I started the Yoga, 25-35 minutes of treadmill, and (finished with) 30 minutes of work out. I switched to broken wheat and millets. and included a lot of salads. Chocolates/Sweets and fried items were a strict no-no. To my surprise, the sugar levels strated ropping down every day. I sent these reports to the doctor and each mail/SMS/phone call was duly acknowledged. Both Dr. Zankhana Buch and I were gearing up on a mission to reverse diabetes.

A week of Purvakarma at AyurVAID Clinics Jayanagar went extremely well. Therapists Atul and Akshaya gave their best Atul and Akshay gave their best. The doctors constantly monitored my progress with great support from the support Corporate personnel on stress control and self management. My Pradhanakarma started four days later under the supervision of Dr. Zankhana Buch at AyurVAID Ramamurthynagar. With constant monitoring of Dr.Azhar and excellent therapy of Mr.Srikanth, the caregiver. I was again able to get my sugar levels to FBS 124 and PPBS on 114. I am not just happy to see the numbers getting to normalcy, but feel lighter and lively than before having lost nearly 4 kilos during therapy.

AyurVAID and Ayurveda have not just instilled confidence in me but made a significant change to my lifestyle I am confident that such a much-needed lifestyle correction will help me fight diabetes successfully and any other ailment in the future.

I will go back and be an evangelist for Indian school of medicine, Ayurveda, and the treatment and support received at AyurVAID. I sincerely thank all the doctors, support staff and management here at AyurVAID in helping me secure relief from my aliment. Thanking you

Patient Outcome: The patient’s Diabetes was reversed to normal levels and the patient himself converted into an evangelist for Ayurveda and AyurVAID, fully ready to sustain the rigours of living needed for keeping his diabetes at bay.

Doctor Outcome: Administered 21 days of Diabetes management programme involving purvakarma, panchakarma and paschatkarmas with medicines to strict diet, lifestyle changes

- HM, 33 yrs, Bangalore

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