Dr. Ajithkumar Vivekanandan

MD (Ayu), BAMS

About Dr. Ajithkumar Vivekanandan

Dr. Ajithkumar Vivekanandan is a highly seasoned Ayurveda practitioner with a rich career spanning more than 30 years. His wealth of experience in evaluating patients, diagnosing conditions, and providing treatments has had a profoundly positive impact on numerous individuals seeking holistic health solutions. Dr. Ajithkumar’s innovative spirit is evident in his pioneering work on a specialized cream for the treatment of diabetic wounds and non-healing ulcers, as well as his contributions to tropical medicine for addressing third-degree burns. These accomplishments, combined with his extensive pharmaceutical knowledge, have led to the development of various Ayurvedic spa and cosmeceutical products.

Internationally recognized for his commitment to advancing Ayurveda medicine, Dr. Ajithkumar has shared his research findings at the International Congress on Burns in Taiwan, furthering the global understanding of Ayurveda’s potential in healthcare. His roles as Chairman of the Scientific Program Committee at the International Congress Ayurveda and former ex-officio member of the State Medicinal Plant Board underscore his dedication to advancing Ayurveda, both in academic and government advisory capacities.

Dr. Ajithkumar’s leadership extends to healthcare management, where he has overseen the operations of esteemed institutions such as AyurVAID Hospitals and Dr. KM Cherian Hospital. His significant contributions to the field, combined with his educational background, establish him as a prominent figure in Ayurveda medicine, leaving a lasting impact on the healthcare industry in India and abroad.

  • BAMS – Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala
Primary Hospital

Apollo AyurVAID Clinic, Kotturpuram

Apollo medical center, VCT Building (Opp AMM Matriculation School. 36/2, Kotturpuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600085

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