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Medanta AyurVAID Centre for Integrated Medicine (MACIM) situated inside Medanta Medicity (Gurgaon) is a whole floor dedicated for Ayurveda where Medanta’s latest technology works in synergy with the age-old traditional Ayurveda. It has an in-house staying facility and is well connected within the city. There are various rooms’ available suiting the different requirements of the guests. The hospital is self-sufficient with all essential infrastructural facilities and has fully equipped & comfortable treatment rooms for men & women separately. This is aided by a highly qualified & experienced team of doctors & therapists to ensure the best of treatments to the patients.

AyurVAID’s best doctors and team works in sync with Medanta. This fusion uses science and technology for integrated and root-cause precision treatment saving the patient time and money.

AyurVAID provides integrated and holistic treatment for all its patients.

Ayurveda is the science of positive health and fulfillment in life.

The two basic aims of Ayurveda are: Preservation of health of healthy and, curing the diseased. And this is exactly what AyurVAID provides at Medanta.

AyurVAID aims to give the best of Ayurveda care for patients by analyzing every aspect and planning a wholesome treatment which reverses the disease as well as prevent it from recurring.

AyurVAID team at Medanta works envisioning the best Ayurveda treatment. Therefore all the medicines are made in-house as well as the patients’ diet and lifestyle are maintained within the treatment. Every diagnosis and treatment is tailor-made i.e. it differs from patient to patient because each person has a different dosha and differs in response to treatment.

MACIM has opened the scope to identify, assess and personalize the immense wealth of medical knowledge represented by the science of Ayurveda for patient care and health promotion.

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