AyurVAID’s treatment for Obesity,Thyroid dysfunction,Secondary Amenorrhea,Cervical Spondylosis and Renal Calculi

Our Ayurveda case studies are the first-line evidence in Ayurveda medical literature as they present the original observations from our Ayurveda practitioners.

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Brief Medical History

A 30-year-old female patient walked into Apollo AyurVAID with the complaints of neck stiffness along with occasional pain radiating to both upper limbs. The patient was also overweight and suffered from irregular menstruation cycles.

In view of her symptoms and condition, Apollo AyurVAID decided to use treatments including Arthava vaigunyam, Stoulyam and Asmari. The treatment lasted for a period of 34 days, which was coupled by a three month follow-up duration.

The medical strategy adopted included:

  • External Rookshana in the form of udwartanam and rooksha swedam
  • Strong internal rookshanam through internal medication till Samyak lamghita lakshanas
  • This was followed by a course of internal snehapana till Samyak snigda lakshanas
  • External Sneha sweda was done for two days in the form of abhyanga ooshma swedam
  • This was followed by a virechanam
  • Patra podala swedanam as snigdha sweda followed by virechana for vilayana of kapha and medha so as to achieve aavarana haratwam
  • This was followed by a course of shirodhara for seven days
  • The Thyroid dysfunction was managed by existing medicines and subsided as a result of external therapies and internal medicines.

The treatment was a success and at the time of discharge the patient was asymptomatic. Her hormonal imbalance, defective metabolism and obesity were considerably reduced through Shodana, Brama and associated vata vikara subsided by snigda sweda and virechana.

Findings & Conclusions:

Lifestyle related complaints like Obesity and associated hormonal imbalances are said to impart a poor quality of life and down the lane will predispose the patient to other risks like Diabetes, Cardiac pathologies, etc. In such cases, Ayurvedic management pioneers and educates the patient about lifestyle modifications which are person specific, hence giving a complete solution to each of the complaints.

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