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Specialized foot massage with herbal oils
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What is Pada Abhyanga?

Before learning about pada abhyanga, what is abhyanga?

Abhyanga is the Sanskrit term for ‘massage’. Abhyanga has been included in the form of treatment for various diseases.

Abhyanga is pivotal and so it is even included as a part of dinacharya, ie, daily regiments. Now coming to pada abhyanga, specifically implies a foot massage.

Padabhyanga is a process of foot massage that can be done using oil or powder, according to the patient and the disease condition.

How can this procedure cure ailments?

Massage requires us to manually rub the patient’s body either using oil or just doing it with our bare hands. Therefore, Abhyanga stimulates tactile sensations and enhances blood circulation, and stimulates the brain to relax the stiff muscles and reduce rigidity and bring about desired actions.

This way, locomotory issues are resolved.

Cases in which pada abhyanga can be done

Padabhyanga as we now know rejuvenates our locomotor system. Having said that,  this procedure is of great aiding conditions like arthritis, rigidity, and stiffness of muscles. Also as it is included in our daily regimen,  it comes in handy as a stressbuster and also cures sleeplessness.

But along with this, there are cases where it should not administer like in the case of varicosity, fractures, dislocations, and if there is the presence of swelling.

AyurVAID's Procedure

For the purpose of pada abhyanga, we first ask the patient to lie in a supine position. The medicated oil is chosen and

poured over the foot. The foot is entirely massaged, giving each groove appropriate attention. Every ridge, every angle, and every groove is attentively massaged with perfection.

After the prescribed time, the foot is wiped.

Benefits of Padabhyanga

Now as we acknowledge the benefits of pada abhyanga, it can be a factor in relieving stress. If adopted as part of our daily regimen, it can be useful in inducing sleep, it soothes our muscles and cleanses our skin. Not just muscular relief, we also experience mental peace. Our minds and body are relieved of all kinds of pain and stress. What else do we need?

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FAQ on Padabhyanga Treatment

What does pada abhyanga mean?
Pada means foot and abhyanga means massage. Therefore, pada abhyanga means foot massage.
Does pada abhyanga only relieve muscular disorders?
No, pada abhyanga can also be a source of stress relieving factors. It can cure insomnia and also relieves stress and pain.
Is oil necessary for pada abhyanga?
Padabhyanga can be done using oil, powder, or paste of medicinal drugs. It can also be done without these mixtures and with just our bare hands.

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