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Body massage using kizhi made of herbal powders
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What is Churna pinda sweda?

Churna is the Sanskrit term for powder, pinda implies a bolus and sweda is the process of perspiration. In Ayurveda, sweda is of four types, one among them is ooshma sweda.

Choorna pinda sweda is one among ooshma sweda. It is done with the boluses of various choornas (usually medhika, sarshapa, shatapushpa, jatamansi, atasi etc ). It can be done as snigdha(with moisture) or rooksha (dry) according to the condition.

In snigdha pinda sweda, oil is applied over the body as well as the pottalis are heated in oil. The potalis can be heated by the steam of boiling drava dravyas (liquid materials) like Dhanyamla( water with which rice was washed) in specific conditions.

How does this procedure produce benefits?

The procedure of perspiration causes the detachment of adherent vitiated doshas from the channels in the body. These doshas are then propelled into the alimentary canal from where they are expelled from the body.

Choorna pinda sweda also has effects that cause this effect, it loosens the adherent doshas and causes their elimination.

Can this be administered in all cases?

This procedure is used in order to relax the stiffness muscles and alleviate pain and stiffness. In cases of vata and kapha dosha diseases, this procedure can be administered. Therefore, it shows exemplary effects in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, back pain, cervical spondylosis, etc.

But patients with pitta dosha disease and patients with pitta predominant body constitution must not indulge in this procedure as it may further increase the condition. Also, pregnant women and patients with fractures and dislocations are to avoid this treatment.

AyurVAID's Procedure

Preoperative procedure

Initially, the medicinal powder is prepared the powder is fried in the vessel till it attains a golden-brown color. It is then divided into 4 equal parts and tied into 4 pottalis.

The patient is seated on the table/droni and Rasnadi choorna is applied to the head.

Other thalams (medicinal application on the head) like navaneetha (butter)+ bala(Boerhavia diffuse), amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica) + thakra (buttermilk), etc are considered according to condition.


The prepared potali has to be checked for temperature by applying it on the dorsum of the hand of the therapist.

We ask the patient to lie in a supine position (according to the area) and the hot potali is gently applied all over the body.

With extra caution, without needing or messaging, we gently press the body with potali. Both potalis are used alternatively after the sting to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the procedures.

The same potali can be used for three days. For the purpose of entire body perspiration, this is done for about 30-45 minutes.

Post-operative procedure

After the procedure, the medicines on the head are removed with cotton, and rasnadi choorna is applied to the head.

We advise the patient to take complete rest for at least half an hour and take bath in hot water if indicated for the disease.

Benefits of Podikizhi

This cures locomotory disorders like stiffness and rigidity and alleviates pain. It cleanses the skin and clarifies the sense organs for better perception.

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FAQ on Podikizhi Treatment

Is choorna pinda sweda one of the panchakarma in Ayurveda?
No, it is not one of the pancha karmas, but it can be used in the form of a preoperative procedure in panchakarma.
Does it cure ailments?
It does cure ailments like pain, stiffness, and rigidity and relaxes the stiffened muscles.
What do you mean by choorna pinda sweda?
Choorna means powder, pinda means bolus and sweda is the procedure of perspiration. Therefore, the medicinal drugs are powdered and made into a bolus and heated. This then is used to cause perspiration in the patient.

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