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Obstetrics (Integrative)

A systematically planned treatment for all your problems related to pregnancy and childbirth that may present in the form of bleeding during pregnancy, complications due to the cord, hypertension during pregnancy, malpresentation in the fetal position, etc. Treatments include managing the condition with extra care for the developing baby and administration of fewer medicines to not cause any kind of complications.


Obstetrics (Integrative)

You have had difficulties during pregnancy for the past few months. You seem to have hypertension and the baby seems to be less active along with abnormalities in its positions. You have been given a load of medicines, and you seem to be slightly skeptical to use daily as it may affect the baby.

Ayurveda is the exact treatment for your condition and brings out results with little to no side effects. AyurVaid has been the first and only Ayurveda hospital to achieve the National Quality Award winner and provides treatment for all your difficulties. Having treated patients more than 15,00000, AyurVaid only produces the best results.

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Diseases under Obstetrics (Integrative)

Ante-Natal Care
Diet and Yoga During Pregnancy
Intrauterine Growth Retardation (IUGR)
Labour Facilitation
Natural Birthing
Post-Natal Care
Pre-Conception Care
Preeclampsia Prevention
Recurrent Abortion/Miscarriage

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