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Udwartana is a special therapeutic deep-tissue massage using herbal powders
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Udwarthanam in Ayurveda is the procedure of massage using powder either locally or entirely.

In Ayurveda, abhyanga is of immense importance and also imparts exemplary results. The same goes for Udwarthanam.

On massaging the body with powder, the tactile nerves are stimulated and so circulation is enhanced. Also massaging with dry powder acts on the kapha dosha and alleviates it.

Udwarthanam can be done in cases where Kapha dosha is aggravated. In cases of obesity,  diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, and muscular dystrophy udwarthanam can be applied.

But in cases where the body is already dry,  will further vitiate the condition.

AyurVAID Proved the best Udwartana Treatment in Basavangudi, Delhi and in Gurugram. The treatment aids in detoxification and renewal through improved circulation, stress reduction, and skin exfoliation

AyurVAID's Procedure Of Udwartana

For the purpose of Udwarthanam,  we ask the patient to lie in the supine position.

We then, using the medicinal powders, massage the entire body for 15-20 min.

We then clean the body and wipe it clean.

We then advise the patient to take rest for some time and then take a warm water bath.

Benefits of Udwartana

AyurVAID Proved the best Udwartana Treatment in Basavangudi, Delhi and in Gurugram. Udwartana tones and exfoliate the skin, reduce fat tissue and weight, makes skin radiant and glowing, improves skin complexion, removes bad body odor, removes toxins, and cleanses the skin.

Cellulite Reduction & obesity – Udwarthanam (Udwartana) is very effective in reducing cellulite and fat accumulation. Overweight people can also get benefits from this technique to control their body weight. Rubbing herbal powder helps break down the cellulite and increases the burning of accumulated fat.

Abdominal Fat Accumulation – You have loose skin on your arms, thighs, or buttocks or if you are suffering from abdominal fat accumulation, then Ayurvedic powder massage is very efficacious in this situation. It helps to reduce subcutaneous fatty tissue and cellulite. It reduces body weight and assists other weight loss therapies.

Rheumatoid Arthritis – Udwartana (powder massage) reduces KAPHA and AMA. In rheumatoid arthritis, AMA is the main factor, so it is beneficial for reducing symptoms and inflammation of the joints. In some cases, rubbing the herbal powder with pressure can increase pain, so rubbing should be gentle and performed under the supervision of an Ayurvedic physician. Ruksha Udwartana is more beneficial when stiffness with the feeling of heaviness is the main symptom as compared to joint tenderness. If joint tenderness with redness is the main symptom, then Snigadh Udvartana is more beneficial.

Body Stiffness – It removes body stiffness and helps to open blocked pores of the skin. It facilitates the absorption of beneficial oils in the skin.

Increases Skin Glow – If you are a woman suffering from some nutritional problems and their effects appear on your skin, or you have lost skin glow, then Ayurvedic powder massage will help to improve skin glow and complexion.

Opposite direction stokes that are performed in Udwarthanam help to soften and exfoliate the skin and remove the dead cells from the skin. It gives you a beautiful and lustrous glow on the skin.

Removes Toxins – It is one of the detoxification ayurvedic therapies, which cleanses the body and removes bad body odor. Udwarthanam removes AMA or toxins from the body. It helps to prevent various diseases, which are caused by the accumulation of toxins.

Exfoliates the skin – Ayurvedic powder massage tones and exfoliates the skin removes toxins and prevents skin diseases.

Improves Blood Circulation – Ayurvedic powder massage improves peripheral blood circulation.

Revitalizes the Touch Sense – Herbal powder massage, Udwarthanam revitalizes the touch sense.

Stress Reduction & Rejuvenation – It can be used for stress reduction and rejuvenation. The dry powder massage is useful in the following conditions:

  • Motor Neuron
  • Disorders
  • Parkinsonism
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Hemiplegia
  • Sciatica
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Skin diseases
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Obesity

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does udwarthanam differ from abhyanga?
Abhyanga is a massage given usually with oil, and udwarthanam is done using medicinal powders
Why is udwartanam given to obese people?
Udwartanam alleviates kapha dosha and adipose tissue. So, it is one of the best treatments for obese people
Does udwarthanam have any kind of complications?
Udwarthanam might have complications if the patient is allergic to certain medicines. Therefore allergies have to be checked and then udwarthanam has to be done.

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