Swasthya Care

Reverse emerging health risks. Attain positive health and well-being.

Swasthya Care - The Window into your State of Health and Wellbeing

Ayurveda’s vision of good health is not just the absence of disease but the presence of positive health as personally experienced by each person. Functional health parameters including appetite, sleep, bowels, micturition, state of mind, immunity, vitality and other vital parameters such as weight (body-mass-index), waist-to-hip ratio, respiratory rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, collectively are a window into your state of health and well-being. Variation, deviations, or disruption in one or more of these parameters are the first signs of emerging health risks including cardiac, metabolic, inflammatory, respiratory, reproductive, and neurological status. Remember, diseases such as diabetes and common metabolic and cardiac conditions take 10-12 years to develop and reveal themselves. 

We specialise in systematically assessing your current functional health status and developing a personalised plan to correct deviations, if any, in one or more of these early health-risk predictors. On the other hand, if all the above parameters are in order, it means your health risks are at a minimum and you are truly healthy.

Apollo AyurVAID’s Swasthya Care Program

Apollo AyurVAID’s Swasthya Care program is also ideally suited for convalescents (recovering from a serious illness) or elderly individuals suffering from general malaise, weakness, insomnia, digestive issues, restlessness, early neurological deficits, etc. 

Do not wait for a disease to appear. Consult an Apollo AyurVAID physician for a Swasthya Program. It will be your personal health report card and planner. Unlike a generalised annual health check-up you will find this program to be deeper, more personalised, and connect your past, present, and future. If necessary, you may be asked to obtain additional lab investigations to complete the health picture.

Please keep your past medical reports ready for sharing with the Apollo AyurVAID medical team before the consultation.

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FAQ on Swasthya Care

I am an IT employee and am perfectly fine now, barring a few niggles such as slightly elevated cholesterol, BMI, and mild constipation/bloating. What can I expect from Apollo AyurVAID’s Swasthya Program?
Our Swasthya Program will comprehensively evaluate your overall health and well-being, and recommend preventive measures to avoid/pre-empt the onset of serious diseases. Your likely sedentary lifestyle and elevated cholesterol/ BMI or mild digestive disorder symptoms could be an early warning of underlying metabolic and/or inflammatory disorders. This is a good time to nip those health risks in the bud. We recommend you set up a consultation with an Apollo AyurVAID physician at the earliest and be empowered onto the path of good health and well-being.
I am a senior citizen. Of late, I am feeling a lot more tired than before. Can Apollo AyurVAID help?
Definitely, yes. As we age, our body systems slow down in function and efficiency. Whether it is appetite levels, quality, and duration of sleep, bowel movement, urinary incontinence, muscle loss and frailty, muscle/bone/joint pain, movement coordination, restless mind, or vitality. This is compounded by pre-existing health conditions for which one would typically have resorted to polypharmacy (consuming multiple medicines) with possible side effects as well. Chronic metabolic and inflammatory processes with resultant oxidative stress also contribute to accelerated ageing and compromised quality of life. Classical Ayurveda medical science has a specialty specifically for elders called Rasayana Chikitsa or Jara Chikitsa. A systematic assessment approach followed by a personalised program of diet-lifestyle-herbal medicine-rejuvenation therapies can address the underlying disease processes, improve functional health, bring back your vitality, and keep you energetic for a sustained period of time. Please share your details and our counsellors will be in touch with you to set up an appointment (in-person or tele-video) with a senior Apollo AyurVAID physician.
I have recovered from a serious health problem. While I am fine presently, some side effects remain, which are hampering my day-to-day well-being (sleep, digestion, bowel movements, etc.). Can AyurVAID help?
Yes. Convalescent care after a serious illness is something that AyurVAID’s Promotive Health programs achieve. Typically, after a serious illness, restoring the virtuous cycle of good health (sleep, appetite, digestion, bowel movement: all regular and good) is critical for restoring vitality, morale, and well-being. In addition, general and specific immunity has to be built to prevent the recurrence of the same disease or another. (Please read the response to the preceding FAQ as well). We design tailor-made, classical Ayurveda programs to restore your cycle of good health and promote well-being in physical-mental-spiritual dimensions. Sustainably.