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Bashpa sweda

Steam therapy with personalized herbs.
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Bashpa sweda

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An immensely detoxifying steam therapy using hand-formulated herbs which are infused into your private steam chamber, allowing the body to cleanse, purify and release toxins. This leaves you with a glowing complexion, ease of muscle tension and a sense of well-being.

A short oil application and massage will precede the steam treatment to aid in the release of toxins and is highly beneficial for those looking for a cleansing therapy.

What is Bashpa sweda?

Let us first understand the term bashpa sweda.

What do you mean by bashpa?

Bashpa means steam and sweda means perspiration. Therefore, combining both the terms bashpa sweda means perspiration that is produced using medicated steam.

This is a kind of sudation (a therapy that induces perspiration) by which medicated steam is applied to the patient’s body for a certain period to get perspiration.

For this very purpose, Bashpa Sweda Yantra (A steam-bath chamber) is required.

Medicinal herbs /decoction is kept boiling in the Bashpa Sweda Yantra from where the steam is generated and applied all over the body or any specific part through a tube or pipe.

The patient is asked to lie down inside the steam chamber after massage with warm oil (200-220C). A thick cotton sheet may be used to cover the body to get proper perspiration.

Now an inquisitive mind might ask ‘how does this work?

Swedana, ie,  perspiration, liquefies the Doshas comprising vata, pitta, and kapha and facilitates bringing them to Koshtha.

Now, what is koshta you might ask?

Koshta implies the alimentary canal. Therefore, the vitiated morbid materials are brought to the alimentary canal from where they can be expelled by subsequent panchakarma procedures.

When can we adopt this procedure?

Bashpa sweda can be applied in cases of neuromuscular disorders like, sciatica, etc.

In conditions of rheumatoid disorders consisting of arthritis, stiffness, and pain.

For rejuvenation, bashpa sweda is one of the best treatments.

AyurVAID's Procedure

How is it done in:

This procedure has a systematic way of application. It begins with you getting massaged properly with suitable oil for 30-45 minutes all over the body.

You are later advised to lie down inside the Bashpa Sweda Yantra and cover the body with a blanket.

You will have to remain inside the yantra for 15-20 minutes or till you attain the optimum level of perspiration (Samyak swinna Lakshana).

Before Virechana it is recommended for 3 days and Vamana one day.

By the end of the procedure, you may come out of the chamber and the sweat is wiped off with a towel. Bath is advised with lukewarm water according to the physician’s choice.

Benefits of Bashpa sweda

Why should you do this?

Bashpa sweda is a procedure that loosens your tightened muscles.  It soothes your skin, muscles, and nerves. It removes stiffness, heaviness, and coldness from your body. You will feel rejuvenated entirely and freshness seeps through every pore.

These benefits are enough to lure one into applying this procedure.

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FAQ on Bashpa sweda Treatment

What is bashpa sweda?
Bashpa means steam and sweda means perspiration. The perspiration therapy uses medicated steam.
Will it cause any complications?
It may cause burns and other complications, so remedies by the physician are administered.
Will it be effective?
Bashpa sweda has remarkable effects on the body. It cleanses the skin and alleviates disease conditions. It rejuvenates our sense organs

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* Outcomes may vary from person to person

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