Integrative Adjuvant Care & Rehabilitation

Ayurveda and Allopathy working together to heal vulnerable patients

What is Integrative Care

Integrative Care or Co-managed Care is when specialists from different streams of medicine (in this case – Ayurveda and allopathy) seamlessly work together in the patient’s best health interests. To clarify: it is not one doctor practicing multiple systems of medicine. Apollo AyurVAID is the pioneer in successfully demonstrating Ayurveda-based integrative medicine through its partnership in recent years with India’s leading tertiary/quaternary care hospitals such as Apollo, Medanta, Aster, and Sri Shankara. 

Ayurveda-based Integrative Care plays an invaluable role in accelerating the healing and recovery process to the maximum extent possible by restoring the virtuous cycle of good health – good sleep, good appetite, normal bowel movement and micturition, calmer state of mind, wound healing, etc. – with a dietary prescription that is consistent with modern dietetics, yet based on an integrative application of Ayurveda dietetics, that is highly personalised to the patient, the place, time of the season, etc. Classical Ayurveda therapies carefully chosen and delivered at the bedside or in the Ayurveda treatment room play an essential role in promoting healing and well-being.

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