Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Stress Management

Beset by insomnia, plagued by lack of concentration, fatigue, and beleaguered by emotional and physical imbalances, ours is the age of stress and strain. AyurVAID Ayurveda functional health programs empower and invigorate you, energizing and restoring the balance of the mind, body and soul through natural, health processes that focus on the impact of the mind on the body, and vice versa.

We follow the essential Ayurveda processes with critical variants that focus on working at the physical level to soothe aching muscles and tensed nerves, and the metaphysical level at calming the mind and connecting with the inner self.

The human body produces various hormones during different phases of stress, alongside the accumulated toxins. The body is first prepared for removal of toxins. And then through classical Ayurveda processes the accumulated toxins in the body are eliminated, stabilizing the imbalances in the body constitution (doshas).



The stress-buster treatment comes full circle when the body is brought out of the rigorous cleansing and exhaustive elimination stages through moderate corrective and rejuvenation treatments. Yoga and Meditation form an integral part of AyurVAID’s stress relieving capsule. Diet and lifestyle being core aspects of the Ayurvedic healing and rejuvenation process, appropriate regimes are prescribed.

Our program reduces generalized stress levels and associated functional health symptoms including fatigue, lethargy, headache, depression, and inability to concentrate.

Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms including:

  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Inability to concentrate.

Our Approach

The AyurVAID protocol is based on the simple premise that the Physician must diagnose and treat only based on sufficient evidence. This evidence should be ‘patient or rogi based’ in addition to being ‘disease or roga based’ in accordance with the fundamental principles of Ayurveda.

How is this made possible?
  • A thorough and complete recording of the patient’s medical history, capturing every minute aspect of his/her lifestyle.
  • A thorough head-to-toe clinical examination, uncovering health risk factors that the patient is unaware of, directly connected or unrelated with his presenting medical complaint(s).
  • This process of detailed history recording and clinical examination- which includes the classical Srotha-Vikrti pariksha – leads to an accurate understanding of the Dosha status of the individual and lays the foundation for an accurate differential diagnosis and medical management.
  • Further, the patient is entitled to be clearly informed about the diagnosis arrived at, as also understand the medical management proposed for him. The Physician shall proceed only with the patient’s informed concurrence.

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