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Extremely Professional Caregiver Eased My Pain

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore

I am M…. I had lower back problem, and I was not able to bend forward or take up any rigorous exercise. I am under treatment and has gone through 8 day long program. I am feeling better and hope the pain will completely go away in a few days.

My caregiver was extremely professional and helpful and carried out the treatment well.

Thank you.

- Mrs.M, Bangalore

AyurVAID a Source of Comfort for those in pain

Initially I accompanied my husband to AyurVAID for treatment for his left hand. After seeing treatment being given to my husband even I was also temped to take treatment for my pain in the knees, lower back pain and migraine. I was treated by Dr.Radhika Varma. The Caregivers have given me the treatment overseen by Dr. Ivy Arvind & Dr Priya.

After 15 days of treatment all the pains vanished fully. I fully appreciate the treatment given to me. The Doctors and the staffs are courteous, helpful and punctual.

AyurVAID is a source of immense comfort to the people who suffer the pain for a very long time.

- Mrs.N ( Knee Pain and Low back pain)

AyurVAID, A Centre With A Vision

Myself, DAJ came to (AyurVAID Hospitals Ramamurthy Nagar) consult Dr. Zankhana Buch who was referred to me by my uncle who had great relief after treatment under her. She was very helpful and also made me understand how bowel problems also affect back pain. Though, I have taken Ayurvedic treatment before also, it was my first time inpatient treatment. To clear off bowel related disorders I started with panchakarma followed by treatment for back pain. The 16 days stay here was good and I thank Dr. Zankhana Buch and all my caregivers for their care…

The treatment, food and stay has been nice and though I experience only 50 to 60% relief but taking doctor’s advise I hope to recover completely. The treatment here was better than my earlier Ayurvedic treatment in a similar Ayurvedic Center as they was only one caregiver there, whereas here most of the treatment ()massages) were done by two of them…I know AyurVAID is a centre with vision and hope they are able to retain the magic that that this age old treatment has.

Wishing All the Best of Luck! God Bless!

Thanks for Everything!

- DAJ (Backpain), Bangalore

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