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Thalam Navarakkizhi

Njavarakizhi is the Malayalam term for ‘Shashtika pinda sweda’. Shashtika is the red variety of rice, therefore the therapy where the red rice is made into a bolus and tied in a potli, and applied all over the body. This procedure can be done locally or even on the entire body.
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Thalam Navarakkizhi

One may ask if this procedure can even cure diseases, and if so how?

For that, we need to know the properties of shashtika. The red variety of rice is snigdha (moisture), heavy, stable, cold, and can alleviate all the tridoshas.

From the above-mentioned properties, though it is a procedure to induce perspiration, Njavarakizhi is also a nourishing therapy.

The extraordinary feature of this therapy is that the potli is applied with milk, therefore the application of this rejuvenates the underlying nerves and muscles and provides relaxation.

The Njavarakizhi can be administered in cases of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, sciatica, and other conditions that show symptoms like pain, degeneration, and stiffness.

Extra care has to be taken in case of the syndrome of sciatica,  InterVertebral Disc Prolapse, only when the inflammation has subsided, should Njavarakizhi be applied.

AyurVAID's Procedure

First and foremost, the medicinal potlis are prepared.

The Kashaya of Bala Mula (roots of Sida rhombifolia).

After the Kashaya is prepared, the milk and shashtika shali (red rice) are added and cooked.

The bolus is then divided into four parts and subsequently, four parts are prepared.

We then ask the patient to sit with the leg extended and talam (medicine on the head) applied. We massage the body properly with medicated oil and then the potil is kept over the Kashaya and milk.

This potli is applied in a synchronizing method either locally or all over the body.

We perform this procedure for approximately 45 min- 1 hours.

After the procedure, we scrape the remaining medicine using coconut leaves and wipe the body dry. Then we extensively apply oil,  talam is removed and rasnadi churna is applied over the head.

We advise the patient to take gandharvahastadi kashaya and rest for half an hour and then take a warm water bath.

Benefits of Thalam Navarakkizhi

The Njavarakizhi procedure shows extraordinary results. It relaxes the muscles and nerves, alleviates pain, strengthens the degenerating nerves and muscles, reduces stiffness, and improves the range of movements.

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FAQ onThalam Navarakkizhi

What is njavara?
Njavara in Malayalam is the term used for the red variety of rice. The term njavarakizhi is used for Shashtika pinda sweda, where the red rice is used to induce perspiration
How does this therapy work?
The njavarakizhi has nourishing properties and so it strengthens the underlying muscles and nerves and alleviates pain
Can this be given in arthritic conditions?
Yes, it can be given in osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and even sciatica. But it should be not given in inflammatory conditions.

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