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Nasal installation of medicated oils and decoctions
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What do you mean by Nasya?

Ayurveda has a supreme set of treatments called panchakarma, five procedures, that can be included in the treatment of almost all diseases. One of the panchakarma in nasya. Nasya means nose.

Maintain healthy skin, hair and delay greying of hair, with Nasya Treatment in Gurugram, Kochi.

This is a procedure wherein medicament are instilled into the nasal cavity, in doshas, especially uttamanga (upper body), to achieve desired multidimensional effects.

How does this produce its effects?

The nasal medications through the nasal route reach the brain and produce their actions on the various centers of the brain and bring about desired outcomes.

The nasal route is an easy and reliable pathway for the administration of medicines, therefore curing it in cases of diseases of the neck and head is of great aid.

Can Nasya be done by all?

Nasya is generally administered in cases of head and neck. In case of headaches, especially during splitting pain of the head, dryness of nose and mouth, difficulty in opening lids, disease of hair, pannus.

It should have vehemently abstained in cases of intoxication, cough, dyspnea, poison, and the first stage of rhinitis.

AyurVAID's Procedure

Poorva karma
  • We ask the patient to wash their face and mouth with lukewarm water.
  • We then administer Abhyanga over shiras (head), lalata( forehead), kapala ( skull ), greeva (neck) & skanda (shoulder).
  • Shiroabhyanga (head massage) only is also enough. We also apply Nadisweda (steam through a tube ) or tapa sweda (applying steam through a medium). Abhyanga over palm and sole is done. We also prescribe Dhoomapana (inhalation of medicated fumes ) for the purpose of sroto shodhan which means cleansing the channels. (in case of nasal congestion).
  • We advise the eyes to be bandaged with a clean gauze piece after placing lotus petals and a cotton pad over the eyelids.
  • Then Nadi sweda, i.e., steam through a tube is done (in the head and neck region).
  • Dhoomapana can be done for srotoshodana, if necessary.
  • We ask the patient to lie in a supine position with slightly elevated legs and head extended backward.
Pradhana karma
  • Firstly, the medicine is mildly warmed over a water bath.
  • The prescribed dose of medicine is taken in the Gokarna which is the instrument used for nasya and poured into either nostril closing the other in a continuous single stream.
  • Immediately after the instillation of medicine, mild massage is done over pani (hands), pada (feet), greeva (neck), skandha (shoulder).
  • We then apply Mridu swedana (mild perspiration therapy) in the above-mentioned areas with a suitable method (Hasthasweda – with warm hands or vasanasweda- heated vessel).
  • The patient is then asked to inhale the medicine with moderate force and to spit it through the mouth turning their head to either side alternatively without rising from the cot.
  • We advise the patient to lie in the same position for 100 matra kala (3-5 minutes)
Paschat karma
  • Dhoomapana is done with appropriate drugs according to the type of Nasya.
  • Kavala( gargling ) with warm water is done to attain kantha shuddhi, i.e., cleansing the throat.
  • The talam (application of medicine on the head ) should be wiped off and dry powder (used for preparing talam) is gently nibbed over the anterior fontanelle.
  • It is advisable not to take any type of food 2 hrs before and 1 hour after nasya.
  • Na adidrava annapana is indicated in nasya, i.e., the patient must not have extremely liquid food substances.

Maintain healthy skin, hair and delay greying of hair, with Nasya Treatment in Gurugram, Kochi.

Benefits of Nasya

Panchakarma procedures produce exemplary results in almost all diseases, this is the reason they are used frequently.  Nasya causes the clarity of skin, shoulders, neck, face, and chest, it strengthens the sense organs and also delays greying of hair.

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FAQ on Nasya Treatment

What is nasya?
Nasya is the administration of medication in the nostrils.
Is Nasya reliable?
Nasya has extraordinary effects and cures head and neck diseases.
When should it be done?
According to Ayurvedic scriptures, in kapha predominant disease it has to be done in the morning, in the case of pitta in the afternoon and in vata it has to be done in the evening.

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