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Whole body sudation therapy with herbal leaf boluses
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What is patra potli sweda?

Let us split the terms and understand the meaning of this procedure.

Patra in Sanskrit means leaves and sweda means perspiration.

Therefore it is a procedure in which the medicated leaves are bundled in a potli(bag) and used to induce perspiration in the patient.

Swedana therapy is of four types, one of which is ooshma sweda. This is a form of ooshma sweda.

Can this cure ailments?

The medicated leaves will have properties conducive to the treatment. Therefore, these leaves and swedana induce perspiration which then propels the skin in the evacuation of waste in the form of sweat from the body.

Can this be administered in any condition?

Patra potli sweda or elakizhi, as it is commonly called, is specially indicated in conditions like rigidity, and cramps.

It is of great help to arthritic patients, patients with spondylosis, and body aches.

Special care has to be taken in certain cases. It has to be not administered in BP patients, patients suffering from fractures or dislocations, cases of varicosity, and extreme cases of inflammation.

AyurVAID's Procedure

Preparation of potli:

First and foremost, the potli has to be prepared and for that, the fresh leaves are washed in water and chopped into small pieces. The leaves along with grated coconut & sliced lemon are mixed all together and fried in 100 ml of appropriate oil till coconut scraps attain a brownish tinge.

This preparation is then divided into four equal parts and made into potlis

(Average weight of a standard potli is 300- 350 gm).

Pre-operative Procedure:

  • At the very beginning, you are asked to be seated with your leg extended over the body facing to the East.
  • Abhyanga, which means massage in Ayurveda,  is performed with prescribed medicated oil over your body for about 10 minutes.
  • Talam, which implies the administration of medicated oil or churna in the head is also applied.


  • After the preparation, the prepared potli is heated with suitable oil in a hot iron pan up to 42- 46° C. The temperature has to be checked and maintained uniformly.
  • It is then applied after checking the temperature throughout the body with mild pressure in seven prescribed positions by two attendants standing on both sides of the droni.

Seven positions?  What are those??

  • Sitting
  • Supine
  • Right lateral
  • Prone
  • Left lateral
  • Supine
  • Sitting

These are the seven positions in which the procedure has to be done in a methodically chronological order.

Attentive care is taken to maintain the temperature throughout the procedure by reheating the pottalis.

Benefits of Ilakkizhi

Why should you do this?

Any treatment that brings in a feeling of lightness and contentment is worth attaining. Patra potli sweda is one such treatment as well.

It produces lightness in the body.

How is that even possible?

The answer lies in its mode of action. By pacifying the vitiated doshas ( vata, pitta, and kapha), alleviates the symptoms of the conditions like rigidity, pain, and stiffness.

Ayurvedic treatments are peculiar yet bring out exemplary outcomes, one such remarkable procedure is the Patra potli sweda.

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FAQ on Ilakkizhi Treatment

What are the types of leaves used in patra potali sweda?
Usually, leaves that alleviate vata and kapha dosha in our body are used in patra potali sweda.
Will it cause any complications?
Too much heat can cause complications, therefore the patient has to be frequently inspected and remedies have to be administered.
What is the literal meaning of patra potali sweda?
Patra means leaves, potali is a bundled bag and sweda is perspiration. The procedure of perspiration using a bundle of medicated leaves.

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* Outcomes may vary from person to person

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