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Sciatica is a painful nerve condition that affects the sciatic nerve of one or both legs. Along with severe pain that radiates from the lower back to the legs. The specific characteristic of sciatica nerve pain is that it usually worsens on prolonged sitting, standing, and walking. Sciatica pain treatment involves rest and lying down. It is also a common cause of low back pain. Ayurveda mentions a Vata disorder called Ghridrasi , a condition that affects the nerves resembling Sciatica. The name Ghridrasidenotes the gait of the patient, which gets altered due to stiffness and pain, and the patient walks like a vulture or Ghridra. Ayurveda treatment for sciatica focuses on preventing the recurrence and facilitating long-term management, and appropriate dietary, lifestyle, and exercise guidelines.

Outcomes of Lumbar Pain with Kerala Ayurveda

Significant reduction in pain levels

Improved mobility

Facilitate sensory and motor stimulation

Increased flexibility 

Increased muscular strength

Improved circulation

Improved quality of life 

Reduced dependency on pain medication 

Outcomes of Sciatica with Kerala Ayurveda

Reduced muscle stiffness
and spasms
Improved mobility
and balance
Reduced pain
and discomfort
Improved digestion
and overall well-being
Improved quality of
sleep and relaxation
Better mental clarity
and cognitive function
Significant reduction in pain levels
Ability to carry out daily activities with ease
Improved circulation
Improved movements
Increased muscular strength

Our Approach to Overcome Sciatica

AyurVAID uses classical Ayurveda treatment protocols to address the root cause of diseases. It involves a thorough assessment of symptoms, history, and patient understanding. The best Ayurveda treatment for Sciatica aims to manage pain by breaking the disease’s pathogenesis, providing immediate relief, correcting the root cause, and arresting further progression. The treatment also focuses on preventing recurrence and facilitating long-term management, with appropriate dietary, lifestyle, and exercise guidelines provided.

Sciatica with Ayurveda

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