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Pouring the liquid medicines in stream over the head of the patient (or healthy person) for a stipulated amount of time.
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It is a type of Bahya Sneha, a method of external oil application therapy in which a suitable taila is continuously poured on the forehead and then allowed to flow over the scalp from a specific height. It is usually done for Anxiety, Insomnia, Neurological, Psychological, and Psychosomatic disorders.

As this warm medicated oil is gradually poured over the scalp, the warm oil with its Fluidity helps to calm the nerve endings and stimulates the brain to synthesize the production of Neurotransmitters that regulate the normalcy of the body. Moreover, the oil penetrates deeper into the tissues through the Tiryak Vaha Dhamani (a concept of peripheral nervous system in Ayurveda) situated at the root of Roma Kupa or the hair follicles.

AyurVAID's Procedure

Initially, before the procedure, oil massage is done over the face, neck, shoulder, and chest. Then A Gauze is tied around your head above the eyebrows. Your eyes are closed with cotton pads and tied with bandages; the ear is protected with earplugs as well. After this you’re made to lie straight on the Droni, and the process is initiated.

Medicated warm oil Its height should be fixed such that oil (38- 40°C) is gradually poured from a height of 4-5 inches onto your forehead for the stipulated duration. A continuous stream of oil is allowed to fall on the entire forehead while oscillating the dhara patra to cover the entire head. Simultaneously massage on the other hand is done.

Once the procedure is over, the Gauze and earplugs are removed, and the head is wiped off with a towel and Rasnadi chorrnam is applied on the head.

Benefits of Shirodhara

Shirodhara has a wide range of benefits for the individuals. The benefits of undergoing the procedure are, It Stimulates the marmas (vital energy points) on the head and neck and thus Helps to reduce stress and tension. It Helps to manage anxiousness and episodes of anxiety attacks while it Improves attention and focus. Maintains an optimal sleep-wake cycle and helps to Reduces menopausal symptoms. Although with these properties it also Relieves  muscle tension and headache amd Improves vision and other sense faculties.

Although Shirodhara is indicated in the above conditions, the following individuals must be careful during the process. Individuals who have balance issues and those People with trauma or injury to the head and those People with lowered body temperature than normal are contraindicated from undergoing the therapy.

Indications of Shirodhara 

Shirodhara treatment is advised for prevention of many psychosomatic disorders. Prevention of diseases pertaining to body, mind, and sense organs is the first indication.

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FAQ on Shirodhara Treatment

How long is the procedure?
Usually, the procedure is done for 45 - 60 minutes for the required number of days. It is usually done at 4 - 6 pm or 7-11 am, according to your condition.
Is there a specific season to undergo the procedure?
Although the procedure can be done at any time span of the year, Shirodhara is done to eliminate the accumulation of Kapha entities on the head, for this reason the Autumn (Sarat) is the best season to undergo the procedure.
Are there any complications for the therapy?
There are no complications for the procedure, it is a method to calm the body and mind. Yet people who are contraindicated from undergoing the therapy are always advised to stay from from the process as it may bring about complications

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* Outcomes may vary from person to person

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