Ayurveda for Diabetes Complications

Uncontrolled diabetes carries significant long-term risks, but well-managed blood sugar levels can reduce complications. Proper medication, diet, and lifestyle choices are crucial. The condition affects multiple organs, causing neuropathy, nephropathy, and retinopathy, disrupting blood flow and causing damage. Timely intervention can prevent most pregnancy-related complications. Common complications include heart disease, kidney problems, nerve damage, foot issues, oral health problems, vision impairment, hearing loss, and mental health challenges. Ayurveda addresses diabetes (Prameha) and its complications, aiming to halt their progression and provide effective management at AyurVAID.

Outcomes of Diabetes Complications treatment with Kerala Ayurveda

Improved blood sugar levels

Improved vision

Prevention of further progression of the condition

Improved kidney function

Balanced cholesterol levels 

Improved sensory-motor function

Regulated bowel movements

Improved sleep and energy levels

Outcomes of Diabetes Complications treatment with Kerala Ayurveda

Managed blood
sugar levels

disease progression

kidney function
cholesterol levels


Improved vision,
sleep and energy levels
Managed blood sugar levels
Arrested disease progression
Improved vision, sleep and energy levels
Improved kidney function
Balanced cholesterol levels
Improved sensory-motor function

Our Approach To Over come Diabetes Complications

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AyurVAID’s treatment approach aims to prevent and manage diabetic complications by addressing the root cause. Customized protocols include internal medications and Panchakarma therapies, complemented by diet, exercise, and yoga. Regular testing is crucial for early intervention. AyurVAID offers evidence-based, patient-centric treatment, emphasizing whole-person care through classical Ayurveda procedures, ensuring clear potential outcomes.

Diabetes Complications treatment with Ayurveda

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Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes Complications

Causes & Risk Factors of Diabetes Complications

FAQ on Diabetes Complications

What are the risk factors for diabetic complications?
Certain risk factors such as uncontrolled blood sugar levels, not taking timely medications for management, skipping meals, unhealthy lifestyle, and diet, and being overweight or obese can be the risk factors for long-term diabetes complications.
Can diabetic complications be reversed?
Progressed diabetes can cause structural and functional changes in the human body, most of them permanent. Yet, some symptoms may be presented with reduced intensity if blood sugar levels are managed well. Proper treatment, appropriate medication based on the tolerance of the patient and the disease, cleansing therapies, and precautionary measures can go a long way in managing diabetes-related complications.
What is a diabetic coma?
A diabetic coma is a lethal unconscious state caused by either extremely high or extremely low blood pressure. It is an emergency health condition that requires urgent medical attention. If you have diabetes, poorly managed blood glucose levels, not taking medicines timely, skipping meals, and chronic alcoholism can act as the triggering factors for diabetic coma.
Can Yoga affect blood sugar levels?
Yoga has a significant role in lowering stress-related hyperglycemia. The stretching postures (asanas) are thought to be fruitful in stimulating insulin secretion from the pancreas. Yoga boosts metabolism and promotes weight loss. Along with mindful practices like pranayama, it lowers stress and anxiety, helping the person lead a tranquil life with a healthy mind. All these factors can aid in managing diabetes and its complications.
How can I monitor the development and progression of diabetic complications?
Regular monitoring of health parameters ensures effective management of diabetes complications as well as prevents their onset. Blood parameters such as HbA1c, Lipid profile, Kidney function test, Liver function test, etc along with necessary radiological examinations as advised by the doctor go long way in preventing the progression of complications.

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