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AyurVAID treatment for Atopic Dermatitis, Primary dysmenorrhoes

Our Ayurveda case studies are the first-line evidence in Ayurveda medical literature as they present the original observations from our Ayurveda practitioners.

Casestudies of Contents

Brief Medical History

A 24 year old female patient walked into AyurVAID with the complaints of blackish discolouration & scaly skin lesions which was associated with mild itching predominantly over upper limbs, trunk and lower limbs since the past 3 years.It was also accompanied by Scaly lesion with exfoliation over the scalp since the last 1 year.

In view of her symptoms and condition, AyurVAID decided to use the treatment of ‘Rakta dhatugata vatakaphaja twak vikara and Udavartini’ for a period of 15 days along with a duration of follow up that would last for three months.

The medical strategy adopted included:

  • Rookshana with internal medication on OPD basis was administered.
  • Shodana was planned as the patient was presented with the Bahudosa lakshanas
  • Snehapana with Vata-kaphahara (dosha pratyaneeka) & Vyadhi Pratyaneeka Ghrita.
  • Abhyanga and Mrdu Swedana in order to bring the shakagata dosha to koshta.
  • Virechana to expel the Dosas from Koshta.
  • Samsarjana krama to be followed as per the Shuddi.
  • Bahya Samana Chikitsa in the form of Takra Dhara.


The treatment was a success and at the time of discharge the discolouration and exfoliation had considerably reduced to about 85%.Improvement in the existing condition was expected by the follow-up treatment regimen.


Findings & Conclusions:

Skin complaints are generally considered to be chronic in nature requiring long term treatment and also the chances for remission is very high. So regular review along with strict pathya ( congenial dietic regimen ) as prescribed by the medical team is expected to yield better results and also prevents the remission of complaints in the future.

Patient's Stories

* Outcomes may vary from person to person

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