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seasonal program - Hemant (Early Winter)

Early winter in November at AyurVAID Kalmatia is cool. During Hemant, the strength of the body will be good, and potency in the environment, the medicines, the natural immunity and resistance of the body is at its optimum. Agni-chatagni is potent. The digestive power of a human being is enhanced due to the external cold and how it restrains the heat inside the body and does not let it out. The internal heat increases in the digestion making it stronger so it is capable of digesting any food substance irrespective of its heaviness and the quantity ingested. So, it is time to indulge in sweets and being lavish on food.

But, if you do not feed this strong digestion and it does not get the proper fuel, the digestive fire affects the nutritive fluids of the body and consumes the tissues of the body (autolysis), causing Vata Dosha to be aggravated. (Vata is a subtle dosha that goes out of balance easily. Vata people often suffer from depletion of nutrients. Their behavior is creative when balanced, or erratic and dispersed when imbalanced. Vata is the element of ether and air in the body. Ether has a spacey quality, and air has movement.)

The season at Almora in the Kumaon Himalayas of Uttarakhand is ideal for Ayurveda interventions in conditions such as Muscoloskeletal aches and pains, Rheumatoid Arthirists; Ashtma & allied respiratory conditions; Insomnia, anxiety & mental disorders. It is also the best time for restoration of body stability and equilibrium, the lack of which is manifested thru pains and maladies, through therapies including the Panchakarma procedures.

packages during Hemant (Early Winter)

Revitalization Package


Whole Body Medicated oil therapy.


Medicated Steam Therapy

Shiro Dhara

Medicated Oil Therapy on Head for Mental Equanimity


Whole Body Medicated Oil – Rhythmic Pouring – Therapy

The indicative package duration for this package is 5 to 7 days.

Health Holiday Package

Sarvangam Shashtika Shali Pinda Swedam

Whole Body Medicated Milk+ Rice – in Bolus/Kizhi – Therapy

Shiro Vasti

Medicated Oil Retention on head

Sarvangam Ksheera Dhara

Whole Body Milk Therapy

The indicative package duration for this package is 3 to 5 days.

Disease Reversal Package

Sarvangam Choorna Pinda Swedam

Sudation using medicinal powder thru’ dry Bolus/Kizhi for rheumatic pains

Patrapinda Swedam

Sudation using Bolus/Kizhi of medicated leaves for arthritic pains

Dhanyamlapinda Swedam

Sudation using Bolus/Kizhi of powered pluses and grains for pains of inflammatory origin


different types of medicated enemas for improved body balance and blood circulation


Retenion of oil on the chest

Nasyam & Dhoomapanam

Instillation & Inhalation through Nasals

Indicative package duration – 15 to 21 days

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