Cancer [Adenocarcinoma] Success Story

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Brief Medical History

Story in Real Life: A 78-year-old Cancer Survivor participates in MUMBAI MARATHON 2015. (Records 4.3 km in around 45 minutes !! )

Mr A 76 years old then, hale and hearty, enjoying his life at fullest one fine afternoon calls up. On a routine medical check-up at a NGO where he voluntarily serves, was found to have significantly high PSA levels. So he sought my opinion on What NEXT?

He was then diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of Prostate and was put on Integrative Ayurveda Cancer management plan.

He has been an obedient and sincere patient – not missing out a single dose of Ayurveda medicine. His faith in Ayurveda and his self-disciplined and simple lifestyle has earned him excellent results. He is now able to maintain his PSA levels within range with minimum medicines and still continues to follow strict Ayurveda prescription of diet – lifestyle and medicines.

What is his secret to Health? I asked – Mr A quips: DO GOOD-BE GOOD – BE HAPPY – REMAIN ACTIVE as much as possible and a self-disciplined life – all that is my mantra to GOOD HEALTH !!

Also in the following article Dr Mikkael Sekeres, director of the leukaemia program quotes: “The people I care for tend to be in their 70s, and while I try to not make assumptions about their activity levels, I probably do so subconsciously. I also have to be sensitive to the reverse – that patients sometimes put on their “best face” for me, to show me how well they’re doing, while outside of my office their ability to function may in fact be much worse. As a result, I’m often ginger in my treatment recommendations”.

So as doctors we have a lot to learn from our patients.

Mind – Will power and Perseverance wins over age and diseases.

We try to avoid aggressive treatments keeping in mind the age.

Age alone should not be a contraindication for major medical decisions for patients who are in general good health.

(From My Medical Notes: Dr Zankhana Buch, Ayurveda Cancer Care Program,AyurVAID Hospitals)

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