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Diabetic drug free life in the years to come

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur, Bangalore

The test report after the therapy session has been miraculous to say the least. My HbA1C level has come down to 8.4 and cholesterol to 216 within 3 weeks of treatment. I lost around 4 kilos. My boil has completely gone. I am completely confident that I will be living a Diabetic drug free life in the years to come. My outlook on Ayurveda has completely changed, and this system has no parallel. My heartfelt Thanks to Dr. Sneha, Dr. Harsha, Dr. Surya and Dr. Prasad. Also, my sincere thanks to the efficient support staff – Kamal, Vidhu, Sunil, Sreeraj and Dominique. The small library with books on Ayurveda, Philosophy and action gave me good company.

Thank you Dr. Zankhana Buch

- Roopak Krishnan

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