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Multiple developmental disability, good improvement through Ayurveda

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur,Bangalore

We started treatment for my daughter who has severe TMJ, Tinnitus & chronic Vertigo a year ago with some success. Dr.Radhika Varma recommended 28 days of treatment, but we were only able to complete 7 days as we had to go back to the US. She did well, but the effects wore off after a few months. Since there was nothing that western medicine could do to alleviate her condition, we decided to come back to AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur, this time for a longer period. We could only do 18 days of the treatment recommended by Dr.Radhika Varma and saw good improvement in that time. Today is the last day of her treatment and will continue it for another 3 months when we return to the US.Dr.Radhika Varma is splendid – she is competent, understanding, caring and has great relationships with her patients. My daughter who has a developmental disability relates very well to her and her staff. The staffs are also very caring and competent. My daughter relates well to them and is happy to see them every day. She feels that the treatment here is helping her. Although we have not seen a complete cure, this is the only treatment available for her condition other than acupuncture. More importantly,Dr.Radhika Varma & her staff are a delight to work with as they understand my daughter & genuinely care for her wellbeing. Overall, we have had a positive experience here. They are open to suggestions and have accommodated our needs. Thank you!

- Mother of AJ from USA

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