AyurVAID Approach

We are a trusted brand

  • Now the largest chain of Ayurveda hospitals in India, offering high quality, uniform services
  • A countrywide network of Physicians to bring the best medical perspective to each patient

We follow a detailed clinical contemporary approach

  • Transparent, evidence-based, documentation-driven protocols toward medical outcomes – a first in the Ayurveda industry
  • A detailed consultation process (using diagnostics where appropriate) and a prescription unique to each patient
  • Compliance with world-class hospital quality standards like NABH and JCAHO

We are accessible

  • Local presence in central hubs of main cities
  • Affordable prices for a range of income brackets

We offer serious and comprehensive Ayurveda medical care

  • Complete range of Ayurveda medical procedures (preliminary & main) available at each treatment center
  • Operation theaters at select hubs for unique Ayurveda para-surgical procedures

We integrate with modern medicine and modern life-styles

  • Pioneering effort in integrated medical services: “whole person” health
  • Breakthrough alliances with the insurance sector
  • Geared to meet medical standards & demands of Corporate Managed Health care Services and Medical Tourism
  • Specially tailored treatment programs for the modern consumer

We are a life-time partner to you in health management

  • Unique disease and health management programs that are medium to long term in focus (vs. a one-time service)


Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person