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Thank you for your interest in AyurVAID! At AyurVAID, we truly believe in our "Why" which can be seen in our approach towards everything we do. We seek to empower our team through training and continuing education programs and we wish to enable the building of a healthcare community with the best Ayurveda physicians available which will restore Ayurveda to its rightful place as a mainstream system of medicine that is able to respond to most needs of mankind today. In case you are a management professional who is inspired by the opportunity to participate in building an organisation that redefines the paradigm of healthcare provided in India and elsewhere across the globe(in time), you will find an ideal platform in AyurVAID. Outstanding medical students (Ayurveda or Allopathy) or practicing physicians who are interested in undertaking research projects, may also contact us to explore possibilities for collaboration.

Work environment at AyurVAID

  • We have a unique- ‘people-process-performance-knowledge’ driven IT-enabled work environment.
  • We invest in training our talent by nomination to select training programs apart from in-house training events.
  • AyurVAID offers a professional environment wherein you can interact with top class physician and management talent.
  • AyurVAID is a meritocracy- i.e. performance and merit are the sole criteria for growth within the organisation.

If this sounds good to you, please write to us at vaid@ayurvaid.com!

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person