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With seven in-patient hospitals across India and a growing network of physicians, AyurVAID is India's leading chain of Ayurveda hospitals. With 4 of our hospitals securing the prestigious NABH quality accreditation for Ayurveda hospitals AyurVAID is the pioneer in bringing the concept of quality systems into Ayurveda medical care and this focus can be seen at all our centres with services rendered by a team of exceptional Ayurveda physicians and nursing caregivers/therapists.

All AyurVAID hospitals offer comprehensive, classical Ayurveda medical care spanning Purva Karma (Preliminary Therapies), Pradhana Karma or Panchakarma (Main Cleansing Therapies), and Paschatha Karma (Post-Main Therapies) rendered in accordance with the classical medical science; yet, through uniform protocols and processes that are aligned to the NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) standard for Ayurveda hospitals.

Our mission is to ensure quality Ayurveda health care is accessible to all by increasing its reach globally.

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