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Wellness ProgramAyurVAID Wellness is a bouquet of holistic programs conceived and executed for the all-round wellbeing and optimum health of employees-professionals through the time tested Ayurveda wellness systems.

For AyurVAID, it’s not just about the corporate ROI. It’s about the value added to your company and your human capital by inducing adherence to Ayurveda way of living and medical systems. AyurVAID Wellness is designed to help employees learn about and make healthy lifestyle choices, ‘nipping the disease in the bud’.

It is a given that the burden of chronic disease is growing, as rising rates of obesity and physical inactivity are leading to more diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Particularly worrisome is that the onset of chronic disease is shifting to younger-age.

To arrest this downswing, AyurVAID Wellness intervenes through your employers to help you adopt health promotion and disease prevention strategies. We take advantage of the access we secure to you at an age when interventions directed at healthy behaviors can still change the trajectory of your long term health.

AyurVAID Wellness is a fresh air of comprehensive interventions that support the employees and professionals, adopt and sustain healthy lifestyles, and access good health body, mind and soul. AyurVAID Wellness delivers all round care through Ayurveda corrections to the dimensions of diet and lifestyle, and interventions through medicines and therapy.

Wellness ProgramAyurVAID handholds all those who enter the AyurVAID Wellness Program, providing ‘live-chat’ option with senior doctors and making you a member of the exclusive AyurVAID Wellness Group. AyurVAID Wellness initiatives include Onsite Specialty Camps; Onsite Over-the-lunch ‘tips & talks’; Workplace Yoga & Health Events among others.

We show we really care by the results you get.

AyurVAID Hospitals has alliance with leading Health and Wellness Companies like Truworth, Health Assure, Vidal Health, Cigna TTK, H3U, UHC and TATA AIG which gives a strong platform to outreach many corporate employees, their dependents and retail customers. AyurVAID Wellness does not get covered under the umbrella of Insurance but gets covered under tax benefit Section 80 D.

AyurVAID Hospitals partnership with Truworth has given an advantage to reach out to mega corporate clients like Infosys, Wipro, HP, CSC, etc. with a base of over 650,000 members. Cigna TTK direct and indirect extended base gives an opportunity to touch over 3 lakh customers and Vidal Health & Wellness, associate of Vidal TPA- India’s 2nd largest biggest Health TPA- provides access to a nationwide corporate and retail membership base.


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AyurVAID Wellness Initiatives

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person