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NOW Approved by MEDI ASSIST, India's Largest Health Insurance TPA.

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Now, Ayurveda medical care is available to you on cashless basis at AyurVAID Hospitals, subject to the terms and conditions of the underlying medical insurance policy purchased by you. Following the breakthrough alliances we have achieved for Ayurveda with the medical insurance sector, leading health insurance companies and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) cover the treatment provided at AyurVAID Hospitals. We are proud that for many of our insurance partners, AyurVAID, which provides root cause solutions for serious chronic diseases, is the first and only Ayurveda hospital chain on their nationwide accredited hospitals network.

Does your medical insurance policy cover Ayurveda treatments? In case you have purchased an individual/family health insurance policy then check the terms and conditions now! However, if your medical needs are covered by the company you work for under a corporate health insurance scheme you may immediately contact your HR/Employee Benefits Manager OR the insurance TPA who services your insurance policy. If you are still not sure please contact AyurVAID's HealthLine and we will be happy to support you to ascertain if Ayurveda care is covered under your policy and attendant special terms and conditions, if any.

More insurance companies and TPAs will soon join hands with AyurVAID Hospitals to empower root cause care of serious diseases. We also are in the process of obtaining coverage for overseas patients covered on overseas medical insurance policies for Ayurveda medical management on cashless basis.

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