Stroke Rehabilitation

Ayurvedic Treatment for Stroke Rehabilitation
What Is Paralysis & Stroke?

Stroke-blockageParalysis is one of the most common disabilities following a stroke. The paralysis is usually on the side of the body opposite the side of the brain damaged by stroke, and may affect the face, an arm, a leg, or the entire side of the body. This one-sided paralysis is called hemiplegia if it involves complete inability to move or hemiparesis if it is less than total weakness.


The types and degrees of disability following a stroke depend upon the area of the brain damaged and the extent of damage.


Generally, stroke can cause five types of disabilities:
Paralysis or problems controlling movement; Sensory disturbances including pain; Problems using or understanding language; Problems with thinking and memory; and Emotional disturbances. In Ayurveda, the causative factors as well as the development of the disease are explained in a similar manner to Allopathy. However the outcomes of treatment are more successful with Ayurveda medicines and therapy when compared to modern medicine.


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