Cancer care process based on Integrartive care

CIO’s generic approach to Integrative Cancer care

The integrative care team at the SS-AV CIO includes physicians from both Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital & Research Centre (SSCHRC) and AyurVAID Hospital. Patients receive a professionally guided and personally orientedset of recommendations that combines a range of therapies, providing a holistic approach and an integrative care plan.

Patients may directly approach the CIO or be referred to the CIO by Oncologists from the SSCHRC team.

Palliative care right from the time of diagnosis is the emerging global model of cancer care. Thus, curative, disease-modifying therapies in conjunction with aggressive symptom management and future care planning makes Cancer patients feel stronger and more active because the physical manifestations of their diseases are addressed and they have a stonger sense of autonomy in deciding what interventions to avail of and to avoid.

AyurVAID’s protocol shall include

1. Identification at whole-person level
Impairment/imbalances(Vikrtis) of 3 Primary body-humours(Dosha- Vata, Pitta, Kapha), Tissues-Organs(Dhatu), Metabolism(Agni), Inflammation (Ama), Sub-Systems/Channels(Srotas)
Contributory 5 aetiological or root-cause factors (Pancha-Nidanas- Diet, Lifestyle, External Agents, Mental Factors, Co-morbidities)

2. Correct imbalances at whole system level
Modify the host environment and make it atleast conducive for cancer proliferation and spread.

3. Correct imbalances at local level
For symptomatic alleviation and relief for enhanced quality-of-life and patient/family morale

4. Cancer focused specific support:
Organ specific function improvement: fore.g. support the restoration of optimal function of Prostate, Colon, etc.
Immunomodulation: support the process by which an immune response is altered to a desired level (higher or lower)
Adaptogen: herbs that help the Cancer patient to adjust to physical, chemical, or biological stress by stimulatingone’s stress-protection response and help its systems return to a balanced state called “homeostasis.”.

5. Restore virtuous cycle of good health
Restore functional health and wellbeing at a whole person level.

Ayurveda Interventions and In-Patient Care

Patient outcomes and proactive prevention of possible drug-to-drug interaction and side effects shall be ensured. The intervention shall consist of personalized prescription of diet-lifestyle-counseling-classical Ayurveda plant-based medicine-classical Ayurveda therapies. Further, personalized daily routine (dinacharya) and seasonal routine (rtucharya), and Yoga sessions for out-patients and in-patients shall be provided.

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