Ayurveda Specialised Healing Programs

Disease Management Programs

14 day / 21day programs that help achieve both symptomatic relief as well as root-cause sustained cure from serious chronic diseases A comprehensive program, the treatment includes personalised diet plans-lifestyle inputs (Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation, if permitted by the Physician), medicines customised schedule of preparatory (Poorvakarma), main systemic-cleansing (Panchakarma) therapies and customised patient-diet.

Wellness Programs

AyurVAID’s proprietary programs focus on alleviation of mild to moderate problems related to sleep, appetite, stress, vitality. Excretion, energy levels, pain and skin & hair problems. This program begins with a detailed consultation leading to the development of a detailed health management plan that includes personalised (one or more from) diet, lifestyle, Ayurveda internal medicines, and classical Kerala Ayurveda therapies to efficiently manage your health problems, prevent possible health risks and ensure sustained wellbeing. The duration of the programs ranges from 2 nights to 7 nights.

Rehabilitation Programs

Aster AyurVAID CIM offers comprehensive programs for rehabilitation of those who suffered a paralytic stroke, underwent treatment for cancer or trauma surgery.

The benefit of an integrated rehabilitation program is that it promotes accelerated restoration of health, alleviates side effects (if any) of the primary therapy and prevents recurrence of the condition.

Physiotherapy and other Allopathic inputs shall be appropriately and seamlessly integrated with Ayurveda care after consulting your consulting Allopathic Physician at Aster CMI. The duration and nature of this program will be customised according to the specific requirement of each patient.


According to Ayurveda, good health is not merely the absence of disease, but also the presence of positive health. The parameters listed below are the simplest way to ascertain one’s health and wellbeing. AyurVAID specialises in restoring these functional health parameters through short / medium treatment programs, depending on the affected parameters and the severity of the condition. Custom created by Ayurveda experts, these treatment programs ensure sustained physical and mental wellbeing.

AyurVAID Treats Mainstream Medical Conditions

  • Good Health
  • Good Appetite
  • Good Sleep
  • Clear Excretion
  • Clear Sense, Alertness
  • Cheerfulness, Optimism
  • Good Stress Management
  • Enhanced Immunity
  • Vitality +

AyurVAID Ensures Sustained Wellbeing

Holistic Healing

Aster AyurVAID CIM seamlessly integrates the best of Allopathy and Ayurveda to provide you holistic treatment with a multi-disciplinary approach. The treatment Programs offered here are comprehensive and ensure sustained wellbeing by bringing a positive change to your life and lifestyle.

  • Precision Ayurveda
  • Seamless integration with the patient’s existing treatment
  • No sudden alternation of existing medication
  • High-quality treatment, in accordance to NABH standards
  • Root cause identification and management
  • Authentic, protocol-based treatment
  • Personalised, safe treatment programs
  • Highly experienced Ayurveda Physician
  • Expert Therapists and Nurses
  • Freshly prepared medicines for maximum benefit
  • Family members of the patient are briefed in detailed about the treatment

International Patients

Comprehensive, quality Ayurveda care for international patients is available for international patients. Right from facilitation with visas, pick-up and drop from/to airport, translation and interpreter services, a world class experience awaits you at the Aster AyurVAID Centre for Integrated Medicine. Please contact the international patients’ department at the hospital, or walk up to the Ayurveda centre on the 2nd floor, or just drop in a mail at: care@ayurvaid.com.

Health Insurance

You may avail cashless treatments at Aster AyurVAID CIM or claim reimbursement, subject to the terms and conditions of your health insurance policy. You can clarify all doubts regarding your insurance eligibility with your Physician / our Insurance Help-desk.

Our Ayurveda Experts

Dr Rakesh Nair, BAMS, MD (Ay. Medicine) - Medical Superintendent & Sr. Physician
- Orthopaedics, Neurology, GI, Respiratory Disorders

Dr Aishwarya Chand, BAMS – Physician
- Gynaecology, Post-Natal Care, Dermatology

For more details call: 9599-264-264

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person