From The Hospital Bed to Work, Ayurveda Helped Her Regain Strength

Arthritis-Knee Pain Cancer is one of the biggest killer, across the world. It is nipping life, which is still blooming & striving to give back more.

I was detected with cancer in uterus two and a half years ago. It was in a nascent stage and a surgery was performed to remove uterus and twelve other parts from my body to stop the cells from growing. As the clear reasons for cancer are not known, I undergo check-ups every six months to rule out formation of new malignant cells. So far all is under control!. It was prudence on my part which lead to early detection of cancer in my body. Our bodies give out signals for anything and everything going wrong with it. It is just that we don't respond to it or respond so late that the disease is beyond control. Those days when I went to consult doctor before and even after surgery, were very depressing. Not because I had CANCER, but because so many people had cancer. Pain and disappointment was writ large on their faces. Family members who came along looked equally disturbed.

Arthritis-Knee Pain Cancer had gripped an old man, a young mother, a earning member of the family, a small kid; And with them sat an anxious wife, a worried husband, a worked up father and a crying mother. Those who had gone through surgery sat there with different parts of the body having been removed. Some like me knew we would be saved, while others waited for life to end, hoping for miracles to happen. A place where the doctors were seen as Gods, but there is no "jaddu ki jhappi" here. During my days at hospital I realized how important it is to take care of ourselves- both physically and mentally. Thankfully I was never part of the rat race but everyone seems to be running after money, fame, status. Not bothering to stop, even to take care of themselves. I understand now that my good health is the best gift I can give to my family. I wish everyone realizes that. Post-surgery I decided not to take radiation treatment. My logic was simple - when the cancerous part was completely removed there was no chance of malignant cells to be around. Chemotherapy or radiation treatment would only kill the good cells now. I took to Ayurveda post-surgery to regain my strength. I started going back to work within 2 months of surgery and so far there is no issue related to "Manhus" cancer.

I write this today to urged everyone to take care of themselves. My check list is simple. If you cannot read the signals your body is sending to you, go for annual check ups.

Visit good trusted doctors and take second opinion where ever required.

DO NOT panic if something is wrong. Negative emotions cause more harm.

Remember prevention is best!

Do take good care of yourself

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person