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Cancer stages & scenarios addressed

Scenarios (Before/During/After conventional Cancer treatment including surgery/ Chemotherapy/ Radiotherapy)


  1. Premalignant Lesions: e.g.Submucosal Fibrosis, Endometrial Hyperplasia
  2. Primary Cancer: Known & Unknown Origin
  3. Secondary Cancer (Metastasis)

1. Prevention of Cancer

Address known cancer risk factors (chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalances, strong family history, pollution, etc.) in a multi-modal personalized approach (diet-lifestyle-medicines-detoxification therapies) to prevent disease onset in individuals and communities at relatively higher risk of specific cancers (breast, lung, colon, etc.) and all cancer types.

2. Prior to and Adjuvant to Conventional Treatment:

  • To reduce acute symptoms: constipation, loss of appetite, sleep disturbance, etc
  • To prevent/minimize known side effects of Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy
  • To support the effectiveness of conventional treatments by enabling good health
  • Nutritious and light diet meeting clinical requirements as well as patient’s dietary preferences, to the extent possible.

3. Post-Conventional Treatment

  • To reverse side effects that persist immediately after conventional treatment
  • To prevent/minimize delayed side effects for e.g. to boost fertility in young cancer survivors
  • To prevent recurrence and relapse
  • To promote positive health

4. Survivorship:

Promote longevity and well-being not only in the context of cancer, but addressing all coexisting medical illnesses at a whole person level, addressing body-mind-spiritual dimensions.

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