Adenocarcinoma in right lung

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Brief Medical History

Greetings from, age 88 years


Thu, Jul 1 at 8:12 PM

Dear Dr Zankhana

What I am writing below is out of total gratitude to you and Shri Rajiv Vasudevan. Pl share with your colleagues.

My Father was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in his rt lung in 2013 and went through surgery after which there was no indication that his cancer was back until October 2020.

To our utter shock and dismay, his cancer was back,


(001-002) (NTL) both lungs and he was given just a couple of months to live.

We went through Foundation One for his non-small cell lung cancer (NSLC) and found one particular mutation that allowed us to start his target medicines Trametinib and Dabra in calibrated doses from Oct 2020. For last 4 months he’s been on full dose.

We were told that he would have some reaction to these doses and medicine hasn’t really worked well on few patients that it has been tried on.

My father was distraught and all he said to me was that he shouldn’t be made to go through any pain. That he was not afraid to die but didn’t want to suffer pain and be bed-ridden. I work in a hospital and despite consulting all allopathic doctors was not convinced that only allopathy had treatment for my father. So I picked up my phone and spoke to Shri Vasudevan who immediately put me on to Dr Zankhana.

Ayurveda treatment

My father started on Ayurveda almost parallel with allopathic treatment. He had many issues like UTI, diabetes and couldn’t sleep at all. He was very anxious and mentally stressed. The whole approach that Dr Zankhana took was extremely compassionate and assuring.

She explained to my father that first we needed to build his immunity. So she started him on Ayurveda medicines along with a recommended diet. My father didn’t resist and for 2-3 months took it but kept asking me as to why we were making so much effort if he didn’t have much time to live. I can never forget how Dr Zankhana reassured my father by telling him that principles of Ayurveda work differently and that he should not worry about timelines that allopathic doc had given.

My father has had no side effect or symptoms of oral chemo this far. It has been nine months. He’s been regularly having the medicines that are reviewed by Dr Zankahna. This has been a critical time with COVID-19, and so far he has been fortunate that he has taken both doses of Covishield and while all in family had COVID-19, he has been safe.

However, now into 9th month of his target doses, we are told that medicine doesn’t work as effectively. Dr Zankhana reviewed my father again and has advised Panchkarma. We are wondering how to get him this treatment due to COVID-19.

So today all I can say is that my father is doing good so far, and I will continue his Ayurveda treatment.

Happy Doctor’s Day Dr Zankhana !

Stay Safe and Regards

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