Vernal Kerato Conjunctivitis

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Brief Medical History

A 7years old child came to the OPD at the age of 4 ½ years with the c/o recurrent stye and yellow flakes on the eyelashes along with lids swelling, itching, and photophobia all since past 3-4years. Initially at the time of consultation, child was very small to read anything. So the visual acuity of that time is not captured. In the next visit when child was 5 ½ years old, VA was done. Thereafter, the vision was monitored in every visit.

Integrated Summary

Allopathy Ayurvedic

GC –stable, afebrile
General findings:
Pulse – 100 bpm
Appetite – low
Bowels – clear
Micturition – normal
Sleep – good
Weight – 17.7kgs

Prakriti – Vata-Kapha
Dosa – Pitta-Kapha
Dushya – Rasa, rakta
Agni – Manda
Aama – nirama
Koshta – madhyama
Srotas and Sroto dushti prakara –
Rasavaha, raktavaha, atipravrutti
Roga bala – Pravara
Rogi bala – Avara
Satmya / Asatmya -Oka satmya, sweets
Diagnosis – Recurrent blepheritis, Follicular
conjunctivitis (Krimi roga, Pilla roga)

Clinical examinations –
On eye examination –
R (6/36 P)
L (6/18 P)
Allergic follicles on lids

Internal medicines –
Pathyakshadhatryadi kashayam
Itone drops
Avipathy choornam
Asanavilwadi tailam
Next set –
Manjishtadi kashayam
Triphala choornam
Hareetaki + takram for virechanam

External medicines –
Triphala + Yashti kashaya sekam

Laboratory investigations – Nil

Treatments –
Abhyangam and bashpa swedana
Sadyo virechanam


The first time Visual acuity was not measured due to the age of child (very small age to read). In the later visits it was regularly monitored. Her high power is almost normalised within 2 years of proper follow ups and treatments. She had severe Blepharitis with yellow flakes on lids, discharge from eyes, severe itching and photophobia. After the completion of two sets of treatment as In-Patient, her eye complaints had reduced considerably. Yellow flakes on lids, discharge from eyes, itching, and photophobia were totally absent. Power correction was done to a great extent and her eye power was reduced from 6/36 to 6/6 partial.

Vision Before treatment During treatment After treatment


R (6/36 P)
L (6/18 P)

R (6/12 P)
L (6/9)

R (6/6 P)
L (6/6 P)

Pin Hole

R (6/9 P)
L (6/9 P)


R (6/6 p)
L (6/6 p)

Yellowish flakes




Itching in eyes




Swelling of lids




Lipid Profile

Child was initially diagnosed with Vernal Kerato Conjunctivitis along with corneal ulcers. She had severe lid inflammation along with severe inability to open her eyes due to pain and burning sensation. She was given allopathic medicines in the beginning but did not show much changes in the condition. Gradually she came for ayurvedic medicines and was advised with certain medicines and treatments with which initially her inflammatory conditions were bought into control. Later her myopia was also corrected and good changes were seen in her eye health. She is advised for certain medicines and regular follow ups at proper intervals.

* Outcomes may vary from person to person

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