Central Government Health Scheme

The Central Govt. Health Scheme in India is comprehensive health care to the CGHS Beneficiaries. The Central Govt. Health Scheme is applicable to the following categories of people residing in CGHS covered cities:

  • All Central Govt. Servants paid from Civil Estimates (other than those employed in Railway Services and those employed under Delhi Administration except members of Delhi Police Force).
  • Pensioners drawing pension from Civil Estimates and their family members – (Pensioner residing in non- CGHS areas also may obtain CGHS Card from nearest CGHS covered City)
  • Hon'ble Members of Parliament
  • Hon'ble Judges of Supreme Court of India
  • Ex- Members of Parliament
  • Employees & Pensioners of Autonomous Bodies covered under CGHS (Delhi)
  • Ex- Governors and Ex-Vice Presidents
  • Former Prime Ministers
  • Former Judges of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and Hon'ble High Courts
  • Freedom Fighters
  • It provides service through following categories of systems:-
    1. Allopathic
    2. Homeopathic
    3. Indian System of Medicines e.g.
    4. Ayurveda
    5. Unani
    6. Yoga
    7. Sidha System

    The main components of the Scheme are:

    • The dispensary services including domiciliary care.
    • F. W. & M.C.H. Services.
    • Specialists consultation facilities both at dispensary, polyclinic and hospital.
    • level including X-Ray, ECG and Laboratory Examinations.
    • Hospitalization.
    • Organization for the purchase, storage, distribution and supply of medicines and other requirements.
    • Health Education to beneficiaries.

    The dispensary is the backbone of the Scheme. Instructions on these various matters have been issued from. time to time for the guidance of the specialists and medical Officers. With the rapid and continuous expansion of the Scheme, however, not only situation has changed and problems arisen but also. the rapidly expanding staff have not approved practices, procedures and instructions in regard to their various duties and responsibilities. In the following paragraphs is setouthe gist of provisions of the Scheme, various instructions and order issued from time to time to serve as a Compendium for the guidance of the CGHS staff.

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    Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person