Diabetes Mellitus

A 27 year old female of Indian origin residing in USA, a known case of Diabetes Mellitus since 4 years, came to AyurVAID Hospitals with several associated problems

Present Complaints:

  1. Hypotension
  2. Obesity
  3. Stress and Depression since 6 years.
General Condition: Stable, Afebrile
Weight: 61kg, Height: 164cm, BMI: 23.2 kg/m2
Waist Hip Ratio: 0.93
Pulse: 72bpm
Blood Pressure: 110/80mm of Hg
Appetite: Low
Bowels: Irregular
Sleep: Disturbed
• Prakruti: Pitta Kapha
• Dosa: Kapha
• Dushya: Rasa, Rakta, Meda and mamsa
• Agni:Mandagni
• Ama: Sama
• Koshta: Madyama
• Srotas&SrotodushtiPrakara: Rasavaha, Purishavaha
• Roga bala :Pravara
• Rogibala: Madhyama
• Satmya / Asatmya: Spicy, sour
Clinical Examination:
Per abdomen: Soft, no Organo megaly, no tenderness
Respiratory system: Normal Vesicular Breath Sounds
CVS: S1 S2 heard, rate and rhythm regular, no murmurs.
Diagnosis: Prameha – Sub classification Madhumeha
Eye Examination:Vascular assessment-Right eye – 6/24(P) Left eye 6/18(P) Fundoscopy – Cotton wool appearance in retinaMedical Management:

Preparatory treatments:
Snehapana, Abhyanga
Vascular Assessments: Bilateral presence of Dorsalispedis pulse and posterior tibial pulsePrimary Treatments: Virechana Karma
Neurological Assessments: Normal
Foot Examination: Normal
No signs of edema
Post Primary Treatments:
Udwartana, Shirodhara, Pathyahaara
Diagnosis – Type II Diabetes  
S.NTestsRangeBefore treatment 3.09.13After Treatment 21.09.13During Follow Up 04.10.13
1FBS60 – 110 mg/dl264mg/dl 183mg/dl157mg/dl
2Fasting urine sugarNIL1% - -
3PPBS80 – 150 mg/dl403mg/dl307mg/dl209 mg/dl
4Post prandial Urine SugarNIL2% - -
5HbA1c6.5% - 7% good control9.63%- 7.8%
6Mean blood sugar121 mg/dl to 150 mg/dl good control257 mg/dl257 mg/dl-
7Serum Creatinine0.6 – 1.3 mg/dl1mg/dl1mg/dl -
Lipid Profile
8Serum Cholesterol<200 mg/dl125mg/dl148mg/dl159 mg/dL
9Serum Triglycerides<150 mg/dl189 mg/dl256 mg/dl170 mg/dL
10HDL Cholesterol42 – 88 mg/dl31.2 mg/dl18 mg/dl -
11LDL Cholesterol25 – 130 mg/dl56 mg/dl78.8mg/dl-
12VLDL Cholesterol25 – 40 mg/dl37.8 mg/dl51.2 mg/dl-
13Cholesterol/HDL ratio3.3 – 4.4mg/dl4.0:18.2 -

After Treatment, there was an overall improvement in patient’s condition. Her FBS has reduced from 264 mg/dl to 157mg/dl and PPBS from 403 mg/dl to 207mg/dl, only with the administration of Ayurveda medicines. Her stress level has reduced from 10 to 3 on VAS scale (0-10) and BMI from 23.2 to 22.1. There was significant improvement in her appetite, sleep, bowels and dry skin. There was overall improvement in in body heaviness and urine frequency.

Diabetes is an enormously complex heterogeneous condition that involves many genes, molecules and organ systems. Ayurveda management consisting of internal medicines and purification procedures has an effective role in arresting the evolving pathogenesis of diabetes, successfully delays its complications, and also enhance QoL and wellbeing.

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person