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Are you paying close attention to your cervix? Do you know that symptoms like intermenstrual bleeding, lower back discomfort, or lower abdominal pain together with a pressurized feeling over your pelvis could be indicative of cervical disorders? Here are some important facts to help you relax.

Know more about Cervicitis

The uterus and vagina are joined via the cervix, a tiny passageway. Menstrual blood exits the uterus through the cervix and enters the vagina once a month as we all know.!. The cervix enlarges during childbirth to make room for the baby to enter the birth canal. And this process during labor is called cervical dilatation. Apart from the physiological functions of the cervix, there might often occur certain patho-physiological dysfunctions which shouldn’t be ignored. One such condition is cervicitis.

Cervicitis is the medical term for when the cervix becomes inflamed due to irritation.

Causes of Cervicitis

Causes of cervicitis are numerous.

  • It could be due to sexually transmitted infections such as those caused by,
  • Gonorrhea
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Chlamydia
  • Genital herpes etc.

Other causes include :

  • Bacterial imbalance in vagina : If harmful bacteria in the vagina outnumber healthy bacteria, this could result in bacterial vaginosis. One sign of this can be an inflamed cervix.
  • Intra vaginal insertions : Tampons, pessaries, and diaphragm insertion may irritate or harm the cervix. If these materials are left in place for a longer period of time than recommended, cervicitis could also occur.
  • Allergies: Condoms made of latex, douches, or spermicides may make someone’s cervix inflamed if they have a latex allergy.
  • Pregnancy: Due to the cervix’s increased sensitivity during the times of pregnancy accompanied by changes in hormone level can result in cervicitis.
  • Cancer or cancer treatments: Cervical tissue may be impacted by cancer treatments or by cervical cancer in its advanced stages. Although uncommon, this could result in cervicitis symptoms.

Diagnosis & Lab Investigation

Normally a pelvic examination followed by swab collection to confirm inflammations and infections are done by the physician to diagnose cervicitis.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cervicitis

Although cervicitis isn’t specifically described as an illness in Ayurveda, it is understood to be an infectious ailment that shares traits with both Upapluta and Acharana Yonivyapad.

Upapluta lakshanas, or symptoms, include genital soreness, mucous discharge, and profuse vaginal discharge. And it is usually seen in pregnant women. Acharana is an infectious vaginal illness that causes itching due to infestation by microbes. The majority of cervicitis cases exhibit both of these symptoms simultaneously hence could be considered as a combined condition of both.

  • Yoniprakshalana : Washing the vulval region and vagina with herbal decoctions such as Triphala to decrease itching and irritation.
  • Yonidhoopana : the application of herbal antiseptic vapors to the vagina area’s exterior.
  • Yoni Prasarana : Powdering the region with finely ground herbs with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Uttara Vasti : Medicated enema.

AyurVAID Approach

At AyurVAID, we treat illnesses, particularly those that are lifestyle- and reproductive-related, with the highest care and using the most effective Ayurvedic techniques, helping you to fully recover. With the ayurvedic ideals upheld by the organization of AyurVAID, our doctors expertise in the treatments of various ailments and are ready to help you out by providing assurance and comfort. Our treatment methodologies include careful examination of those with reproductive diseases, accurate diagnosis, thorough samprapti vighatana (breaking the sickness pathway), well-planned prakriti-oriented treatment, top-notch drugs, coupled with a safe and hygienic environment. Your safety and health is our primary concern.

We are:-

The first hospital in India to receive NABH accreditation and the esteemed National Award for Best Ayurvedic Center of the Year 2017 from the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. According to the services offered, the company enjoys above 92% customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of cervicitis ?
● Vaginal discomfort or itching.
● Bleeding between periods.
● Discomfort during sex.
● Discomfort during cervical check-ups.
● Post coital bleeding.
● Frequent and uncomfortable urination.
● Unusual gray or white discharge that may smell bad.
● Feeling of pressure in the pelvic area.
● Lumbar discomfort.
● Stomach ache.

When they have cervicitis, some ladies might not have any symptoms at all. A thick, pus-like vaginal discharge that is yellow, green, or both may accompany severe cervicitis.
What are some Herbal preparations mentioned in classics for Cervicitis ?

● Pushyanuga churna
● Chandanadi kashayam
● Saptasaram kashayam
● Triphala choornam
● Jeerakarishtam
● Nalpamaradi choornam etc.
What are the preventive measures for Cervicitis ?
By utilizing preventative measures like condoms throughout each and every sexual act, cervicitis can be avoided. Maintaining good personal and menstrual hygiene is crucial, as is refraining from sexual activity while menstruating. Early detection and the right care are advantageous. Infections are avoided by sitz baths in warm salted water. A quick wash of the pelvic area after coitus may also be beneficial. Even in the absence of symptoms, routine medical examinations are advised.

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