Early Diabetes Management with Classical Ayurveda Approach

Name: Mr KK

Age/Gender- : 44y / M

Presenting Complaint

  • Elevated blood sugar level-medium severity, since 3 years
  • Increased frequency of urination- medium severity, since 3 months
  • Burning sensation in both soles- medium severity, since 3 months
  • Frequent cold and cough-medium severity, since 16 years
  • Low energy levels-medium severity

Brief Medical History: Mr KK was apparently asymptomatic 3 years back. Then during an annual health check-up, he was diagnosed with Diabetes mellitus. He neglected it for 2 years and has noticed burning sensation in soles 3 months back. He has taken Ayurveda medicines and as he did not find much relief from the symptoms, Mr KK has approached AyurVAID for better control on sugar and for a root cause

Severity: Medium

Chronicity: 3 years

Ayurveda Medical Management Strategy:

Prescription of [Diet+Lifestyle+Medicine+Cleansing Therapies] customised to the patient and the stage of his diabetes disease.

Before treatment October 2015While on internal medicines Jan 2016
Frequency of urinationD- 8-10 , N-0-1D-4-5, N- 0D-4-5, N-0
Burning sensation in solesH/M/LAbsentAbsent
Energy levelLowHighHigh

* Outcomes may vary from person to person

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person