'Kerala Model for Ayurveda'

The Kerala model is quoted in many contexts- socio-economic-health indicators in particular. How Ayurveda has become such an integral part of the average Malayali's life and culture is exemplified by the manner in which Ayurveda institutions of repute interact with the ordinary citizen and children in particular. At regular exhibitions, at the Primary Health Centres, District (Ayurveda) Hospitals, and then the Ayurveda Medical Colleges-Hospitals, the ordinary Keralite can access highly trained and capable Ayurveda Doctors and sufficient stock of Ayurveda medicines (and treatment facilities). The Asta Vaidya families also have contributed to awareness and social acceptance through their community service, philanthropy, and consistent adherence to high values. Not to speak of the ubiquitous presence of Ayurveda resorts in the State that has generated wealth and employment through Ayurveda. In that sense, Kerala is the fount of Ayurveda renaissance in the country and in the process of establishing a 'Kerala Model for Ayurveda'.

The Govt. Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram is one of the mother educational institutions of Ayurveda celebrating its 125th birth anniversary this year. Visiting this medical college and hospital is an eye opener with over 700 in-patients accommodated at any given time, and a long waiting list. Many stalwarts of Ayurveda have passed through these doors, including many in the current and last 2 generations. May this noble institution flourish and contribute to the mainstreaming of Ayurveda.

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