Our Values

Ayurveda is a Science

No different from any mature knowledge system. The science can be taught and can be learnt. The science is objective and need not be reduced to a personality centric, subjective presentation that detracts from its scientific roots. As a knowledge system it is completely amenable to a process and quality driven approach to be applied in all its aspects.

Ayurveda is a Service - A Health Service.

For Ayurveda to be effective it has to be rendered as an integrated prescription of Diet-Lifestyle-Medicines-Treatment (one or more as applicable). Medicines are but a part of the service. To ensure quality of service (QoS), Ayurveda demands an effective physician-patient relationship, as well as effective collaborative functioning of the entire medical and support teams to serve the best interests of patients. Service quality must and can be systematically tracked. The paradigm for the industry must and can change- from a product centric and spa-massage centric definition to a rigorous medical service that caters to preventive, curative, and promotive health care.

Value the Physician.

Ayurveda’s renaissance and acceptance as a mainstream system of medicine is critically dependent on strengthening of the professional Ayurveda physician community. A physician centric organization is necessary to prepare a new generation of confident Ayurveda physician leaders.

Classical Ayurveda Science is Dynamic and Open.

The science was always intended to evolve in the context of contemporary scientific and technological developments, as long as Ayurveda’s fundamental principles were honoured. Thus, the power of modern medical science and diagnostic tools can be effectively harnessed, where found necessary by the Ayurveda physician, for aiding quicker differential diagnosis and uncovering patient risk factors. Thus Ayurveda and modern medical science can be synergistically combined to offer a powerful medical solution. We at AyurVAID believe that appropriate integration and collaboration with modern medicine is to the best benefit of humanity, and therein lies the future of Ayurveda.

Patient First

The patient should be the epicenter of the medical care universe. Two key aspects of this core value are:

  • Safety of products and services.Classical Ayurveda herbal medicines made by quality manufacturers are safe and can be tested to comply with internationally acceptable safety guidelines. Medical management shall take into account what is clearly stated in Ayurveda science as appropriate-inappropriate to a person-disease specific case. Ensure person specific risk factors Safety guidelines can be seamlessly woven into the service delivery process.
  • Informed care. Make the patient and his/her family a partner in the process of restoring good health. Empower the patient- with appropriate knowledge of his current health status and risk factors, what medical management is proposed for him/her, and, on discharge, the personalized path to sustainable good health.

All of the above form the bases for what we term 'Process Driven Ayurveda' (PDA), and the building of a new, dynamic, values driven organization that is pioneering a new vision and paradigm for the Ayurveda industry.

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person