Shaping The Watermelon

How Square Watermelons Get Their Shape, and Other G.M.O. Misconceptions


Last week, President Obama signed into law a bill that will require the labeling of genetically modified ingredients nationwide for the first time. The impending labels move Americans closer to what they have said they want: more transparency about how the genes of foods they eat have been manipulated. But dispelling confusion over genetically modified organisms, known as G.M.O.s., may be difficult for any labeling regime. The most immediate effect of the law is to pre-empt a Vermont law that requires G.M.O.s to be labeled, and gives the Agriculture Department two years to hammer out which foods fit under the national standard. In the meantime, here’s our rundown of some common G.M.O. misconceptions.

To start with, those odd-looking square watermelons in the picture above? Their genes weren’t messed with. They were grown in boxes.

Courtesy: The New York Times, August 2, 2016

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