Significant control over elevated blood sugar in a young male in a span of 20 Days of Classical Ayurveda Treatments

Name: Mr HM

Age/Gender- : 34y / M

Presenting Complaint

  • Elevated sugar levels since 2 years which got aggravated in past 2 weeks
  • Acidity, burps, Burning Sensation on chest since 5 years
  • Headache, mild nasal blockage,
  • Irritation in eyes since 3-4 days..

Brief Medical History

Mr. HM had urinary incontinence in 2014 for which he did blood check up and found to be having HbA1C 6.5 %. He was advised metformin for the same. He stopped the medication after 6 months & continued diet & exercise with regular check up. Due to his executive profile and high travelling job, his adherence to diet and lifestyle was not very strict. He started losing weight in last two months and had very poor control of blood sugar. His recent HbA1C on27/11/16 shows 13.6 % & FBS 247 mg/dl,PPBS-392mg/dl.Mr HN has approached AyurVAID Hospitals, for a root cause Diabetes Management.

Ayurveda Medical Management Strategy:

Prescription of [Diet+Lifestyle+Medicine+Cleansing Therapies] customised to the patient and the stage of his diabetes disease.

LAB INVESTIGATIONS27/11/16 Before Consultation at AyurVAID29/12/16 On the First Day of Ayurveda Treatment05/1/17 At End of Ayurveda Inpatient Treatment
Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents-
Tab. Metformin
1-0-11-0-1Only Ayurveda
FBS (mg/dl)247161120
FUS (mg/dl)+++- Absent
PPBS (mg/dl)392148109
Mean Glucose (mg/dl)407- 292
HbA1c (%)13.6-10.1
Outcome parameterMetricsBefore treatmentDuring treatmentAfter treatment
Energy levelsH/M/LMHHigh
FBS 161129141123124119119120

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person